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Eat leaves not sharks
- Chicken Mum

I LOVE the compelling proximity video, i agree that sharks should not be finned and instead should be used as a sacred creature.Rob Stewart gets the 9.69/10 but should try and use the sterotypical director language next time. Overall great documentary. If someone told me to finn a shark, i wouldnt do it
- Jeffrey Jeffrey Jefferson

Sharkwater was a compelling moving that moved my heart out of beat. I LOVE sharks. Ever since I was a young, I had a dream of swimming with sharks. Being located on the Californian coast, I grew up being very close to the water, and I soon had a love for the ocean. Sharkwater made me realise just how important sharks are for our ecosystem. I enjoyed this movie with great compassion for the sharks. 10/10. Well done Rob Stewart!
- Ciaran Rattson

I wish to swim with sharks as well. I was very moved when I saw this movie. It is so sad.
- -Lily

I\ m 13 and the first time I saw this movie was in class and me and my friends were all very moved. when the movie ended, it\ s all we could talk about : How can people be so cruel!
- Rebecca

very good movie very moving. hope we can stop shark finning
- melissa

i was moved by this wonderful movie
- Cathy

no buying no killing
- jone

educational and good
- wei

for the future
- wei