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J\ aime les requin ils m\ intrigue tous le jour ou mon reve se realisera se sera de nager avec eux leur imposante shiloute est sublime ils telement de qualite et pourtant nous les hommes nous voulons sont extermination car nous le fesaon passer pour un tuer sanguinaire moi je dit I LOVE GREENPEACE continuer de les defendre pour eux et pour nous
- mathieu

Greetings from Sweden. It was fantastic yet heartbreaking.What can we do to stop this madness.We have to stand united.Keep up the good work.Best regards Eric Linders
- Eric Linders

Stunning! It is about time that the myths surrounding these wonderful species were addressed. The commitment of Rob, the crew and all is astounding! A superb film!
- James McDermott

People and cultures who treat sharks in this disposable and inhumane way are, in fact, treating humans in an identical way.
- Pascal

Je pense que ce filme à donner au gens un autre point de vue sur les requins. C\ était un très beau filme. MERCI DE SAUVER LES REQUINS MOI QUAND J\ AURAIS 18 ANS JE FERAIS PAREIL POUR LES REQUINS !!!! mais sa seras dans longtemps !
- marina

Thank you for making this beautiful yet sobering work of love for these perfect beings.
- Alex, Boulder

thank u for helping to save our planet & best wishes with your continued conservation. seeing the enviro. passion helps alot. thank you
- jana

The best documentry ive ever seen.Really really interesting.The documentry with full of passion. Rob gave in trying to find a way somehow to catch these inhumane people.The way it was shot with the sound effects and all it was amazing. I with really impressed and definately love to watch it again.Seriously a must watch for everybody with a heart!

This movie made me cry. I was absolutely appalled by the way the sharks and whales and other species are being treated. I recently saw a film called \"Arctic Tale\" the other night as well and I have to say I am so very ashamed of the f**king human race. Why are we doing such horrible things to the planet/OUR HOME!!!!
- Ashley Sutton

A true masterpiece - essential viewing for every human being with intention to be conscious of what is really happening here. Thanks for this, respect, regards and good luck to the future!
- dimitra