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Absolutely \"gob-smacking!\" The emotions that this film brought up is phenomenal... how could we all be so blind? What beautiful creatures you have opened our eyes up to.. this will go far and wide and make a huge impact on our world... it has motivated me to help make a difference! Thank you for such an Epic film Rob. You are one amazing human being!
- Kristin Gleeson

One of the best Documentaries I have seen about Sharks and I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be making all my friends and family aware of the situation and encourage as many people as I can to get involved in wonderful cause like this. Keep up the good work and I would love to see an updated version of other areas of the world and how they are contributing to the cause.
- Leanne, Australia

I couldn\ t believe the sight i saw when i saw that video.
- Emma

I am from Australia and here sharks are protected it has only now come out here at the movies. I went and saw it and i knew those things were happing but not to that extreme. i think the asain people and are killing the earth. its a joke if its not the whales its the poor sharks. they are my favourite animal and i want more Aussie to watch to your film to understand what is happening. I loved Sharkwater up the sharks
- Beau

I loved this entire documentary; especially the early part where Rob and Paul chased and rammed shark poachers. I was quite upset to see the poachers win that battle in the end. I wholeheartedly believe that in areas where shark finning and long line fishing is banned; those who are attempting to protect sharks from these idiots should be authorized to fire torpedoes at the offending vessels if they choose to ignore the warnings to stop their actions. Shark poachers are the lowest conceivable life form; and their mothers should have had abortions.
- marine enthusiast

So hard to know that people are so thoughtless and uncaring towards these fabulous creatures. I was crying.
- L.

Before I watched this Movie, I hated sharks because, honestly, I thought that they were mean and vicious, but my sister convienced me I was wrong and I \"Had\" to watch it, After finishing the movie, I was amazed! and if I had the chance to swim with one, I easily would. Ive showed about 3 of my friends this film to, they all said thhe same thing as me at first but by the end of it all they could say is \"Thank you so much for making me watch this\".... Its just, its just a great movie, everyone should see it.
- Colleen Craig

Hi, my name is laura, i live in france, i love and i practice scuba diving. Sometimes i see sharks and i love. i thinks its a very amazing animals so thanks you so much for the movie.
- laura

Simply the Best Documentary I\ ve ever seen.I\ m 14 and I\ m definately gonna try to make a difference!
- Chong L

i have just watched this amazing documentary! i did not expect it to be so eye opening! i had some idea that there was pathetic murdering of there beautiful animals but not as extreme as this! this movie is amazing it is def a must see for all. if you are man or woman of the world you will pledge to yourself that you will protest against these murdering low life people tht conduct such a meaningless kill time and time again thinking only of profit and forgetting about the world! sorry for the rant, but the movie trully is touching! thanks
- kristina stanley