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I didn\ t know what I was getting myself into when I started watching this movie, and by its end I was devastated by the desecration done to these animals by the shark fin hunters. How can those of us not eating this product ever stop its harvest, so embedded in a culture known for its lack of environmental sensitivity? Westerners aren\ t paragons either, but we have become aware, and Rob, with this movie, we are more aware of the undefended sharks, and you are the one man who has started that mission. I hope that your voice becomes a huge roar which no one can turn away from. Thank you for the vision.
- Deborah Martens

I have just seen the documentry for the first time. Rob you have done a supereb job on making this and im sure have opened a huge amount of peopls eyes to what is going on in the world not just the costa ricans but world wide. I have dived with sharks myself and what amazing creatures close up in the flesh. Just wish i could do it every day and help them to survive.
- gary sayes

Such an amazing movie.
- Adam Russin

i absolutely loved this film i have watched it 3 times and i will many more these people should be brought to justice,im planning to dive with sharks next year in the bahammas.
- gary

Bonjour, Je suis du Québec et ce film m\ a profondément touchée. Nous devons agir pour sauver les requins ainsi que notre planète. Il faut éduquer le plus grand nombre de gens possible et ne plus jamais permettre un tel massacre. Sauvons les requins car notre survie en dépend !
- Sandra

Bonjour, je suis de france, et je viens de visionner ce film. Il est tout simplement extraordinnaire. J\ espere qu\ il va permettre au plus grand nombre de prendre conscience de cette situation dramatique. Cette vidéo doit être diffusée dans les écoles pour que nos enfants ne reproduisent plus jamais cette barbarie.
- Cedric

Absolutely \"gob-smacking!\" The emotions that this film brought up is phenomenal... how could we all be so blind? What beautiful creatures you have opened our eyes up to.. this will go far and wide and make a huge impact on our world... it has motivated me to help make a difference! Thank you for such an Epic film Rob. You are one amazing human being!
- Kristin Gleeson

One of the best Documentaries I have seen about Sharks and I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be making all my friends and family aware of the situation and encourage as many people as I can to get involved in wonderful cause like this. Keep up the good work and I would love to see an updated version of other areas of the world and how they are contributing to the cause.
- Leanne, Australia

I couldn\ t believe the sight i saw when i saw that video.
- Emma

I am from Australia and here sharks are protected it has only now come out here at the movies. I went and saw it and i knew those things were happing but not to that extreme. i think the asain people and are killing the earth. its a joke if its not the whales its the poor sharks. they are my favourite animal and i want more Aussie to watch to your film to understand what is happening. I loved Sharkwater up the sharks
- Beau