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It must of been bad for rob when he saw the shark die
- save the shark

Exellent!!! movie I have dived with them but i never saw them the way i did before
- save the shark

this movie was eye opening. i bought it, watched it once then the next day i brought it to school and my teachers let me play it in 3 classes. everybody had the same reaction i did this is one of the best, most important movies ever.
- stephen jones

- Christoffer

I have seen the film in the cinema and it was shocking!! I want to save thes beautiful animals and signed the petitions on Thank you for making this eye opening film!! I hope people will learn and stop this horrible shark killing!!
- Tamara Simons

Amazing. So much isn\ t understood about sharks it\ s not funny. I loved the film and would tell everyone i meet to see it. The idea of sharks slowly dying at the bottom of the ocean brought me to tears. I couldn\ t help but notice many people who were talking about how bad sharks were had Australian accents. As an Aussie I am horrified! How uneducated we are about our famous \"White Pointers\". As for long lineing. It makes me sick. That segment with the poor sea turtle was so sad. What a waste of beautiful creatures!
- Rebecca

People dont realize how powerful sharks really are. Without them our world would be so deprived. This documentary proves how stereotypical we really are towards sharks. Amazing film!
- Tatum

just brought the dvd and watched it, makes me want to dive with sharks and understand them more as well. keep up the good work rob. p.s any time you want to go diving drop me a line.
- mark stuart

I hope this opens peoples eyes.
- Mackie

S-save O-our S-sharks
- T.O