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This movie is by far the most moving, inspirational, educational and the best overall movie I have ever seen. Thank You so much for making this film because now I have become completely inlove with these animals. I bought the movie the book and I have tuns of books on sharks!!! I feel that this movie is the best documentary of te year.
- Priscilla B

That was awesome. Thanks for your effort for this passionate movie. I work in a rental movie store and i suggest this one to everyone because i think everyone should see this! it would change mind of many people (sorry for the english ...i\ m from Quebec and usually talk french)
- Jean-Sebastien R.

After watching \"Sharkwater\" on blue ray,I was amazed of how little I knew about sharks.Thank you for clearing the waters.The visual imagary and facts were stunning.Maybe could have used a little less of Rob Stewarts speedos,but whatever makes you become one. Over and out there,from here. Greenfish66. P.S. say hey to Paul Watson eh!
- Greenfish66

Astounding, astounding, astounding!! This is an amazing film. when it hasn\ t left me speechless with awe it has left me with superlatives. I am a diver and I have never seen the ocean portrayed so beautifully, and I have had my eyes opened about sharks. Go see the movie, tell your friends. Change your world. Save the shark.
- Lloyd De Jongh

I HAVE NEVER EVER BEEN SO MOVED BY A FILM! It brought me to my knees! I was horrified by the gruesome realities presented, delighted with the truths I discovered, my soul was fed by the breathtakingly beautiful underwater scenes,while tears of compassion and frustration clouded my eyes many times throughout. THANK YOU ROB FOR OPENING MY EYES! Your cry for help has been heard in my household!
- Nicole Peers, Canada

This was one of the most provocative films I have seen. I cried, I shouted and I almost gave up hope however thanks to the efforts of Rob, world attention and action will result. I learned so much about sharks and so much about the mythology surrounding sharks. This is one of the most amazing films I have ever seen.
- Ann Dow

Hi Rob, My name is Julia and I am a fellow Canadian who has been living and working in China for the last 10 years. I was very touched by your movie and would like to speak to you about putting together an appearance for you in Shanghai. I am not sure how to get in contact with you but please if you read this you can contact me at Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon. Julia (Shanghai)
- Julia

this was the best documentary that i ever watched! Almost everyone in Social class fell asleep but i was so intrested i didnt want to blink my eyes.. You are an amazing guy Rob for ur courage and the pain u have gone through...
- Courtnie M.

this is pure passion and beauty at it\ s turest form of life
- Angelique

I saw this doc in France. I wonder why it is not projected in all schools. Schools product futurs politians, and scientifics. It should begin now in all schools to sensibilize and anticipate preservation in future. I signed for Longitude 181 to preserve sharks in Pacific. I dive sometimes with shark. I found back the feeling as watching the doc. It was great. I hope it will give hope for sharks if many people goes to see it.
- Pasquale RAPILLY