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This was an exceptional documentary, very complete and VERY moving. Thank you Rob for your courage and for going through this, however painful it must have been to witness this ruthlessness up close. That film made me cry several times and recoil too. Indignation was very high throughout. We need more Robs around. Again, THANK YOU. I am looking around to find ways to help now!
- Nadia Chauvet

What an amazing doc!! I am so glad that there is finally a film like this to make people realize and understand. No matter how many times I see the shark finning, I still am overwhelmed with anger and completely appalled that it is being done, especially to such a wonderful species. I really hope this doc has a massive (positive) impact for the sharks. Well done!
- Mandy-Australia

This was the most amazing, beautiful, passionate and heart wrenching movie of all time! Everyone student in every school across the world should have see this!
- Belinda Clarke

Wow a truely amazing doc, I\ ve always loved sharks and I\ m thrilled to see that there are people out there who are literally putting their lives on the line in order to spread the word and save sharks. I will be spreading the word to family and friends. Although sharks are thought of that much in UK waters I feel passionatley that its time the whole world stood up and become as one to stop shark finning! Ryan - England
- Ryan Hocking

Viewing this film after spending the weekend diving with Grey Nurse Sharks at Southwest rocks NSW Australia with my 14 year old daughter it drives home the message just how beautiful these creatures can be. It was one of the best weekends I have spent. My Daughter put it simply as we left theatre, \"Dad every student doing marine studies should be made watch that, No Dad every student every where and their parents should be made watch this incredible documentry\" She understands that our future is in their hands.
- Brian Clenton

I actually cried in this movie... how amazing-to be able to capture sharks in there true spirit. I want to do everything i can to help these beatiful creatures, and plan to get as many people as i can involved in whatever way possible! Thankyou
- Sara

Save the sharks! 5 stars!im inspired to help until im blue in the face!
- M.Marcello

This movie inspired me to get up and help save the sharks! I never knew sharks were so calm and beautiful creatures. People are so cruel and i hope every one sees this and takes action just like i did! Amazing job!
- Madison Marcello

This movie ought to be viewed by everybody! There should be legislation that makes it mandatory viewing in all schools and universities worldwide. Because they will shape our future, all kindergartners through college-aged students need to be the major target audience! However, it would not hurt to target the adult audience as well. I first heard of shark finning in the abstract sense several years ago; but had no idea the scale on which it was occuring until I viewed this film. It is almost unbelievable what such stupid people are willing to do in the name of greed and easy money. This practice needs to be halted; and like, yesterday; especially if we want to have a tomorrow.
- Fred - USA

Adoro el filme documental SHARKWATER, está maravilloso y buena calidad de educación ambiental. ESTO ES UNA FUENTE DE EDUCACION. ¡Vivan los tiburones en nuestro planeta Tierra! Los tiburones tienen su rol en los OCEANOS y los MARES. ***¿DONDE HAY MATERIAL EDUCATIVO EN ESPAÑOL SOBRE LOS TIBURONES? (((Hola desde Humacao, Puerto Rico.....en el Mar Caribe))).
- Gerardo