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I can\ t belive how many sharks can die in a year. I mean only if you try to harm them they might try to bite you. This movie is so fofilling. I want to try to save the sharks to but i\ m only 10. I just hope that people will think different of sharks because if we keep letting them die in the next 4 or 5 years they\ ll all go extinct. I really hope more poeple will see \"Sharkwater\" and realize the truth about sharks...
- T.O

( I\ m french, so bad english!) I cry during the film. I can\ t stand how people can be so awful... But I feel so powerless, and I hope that soon this massacre will come to an end!
- JS

I used to eat shark fin soup. No more. I am saddened by what I now know and ashamed of what I did.
- George

This is truly an amazing and touching documentary. Although it was kind of disturbing at some sight but it certainly did sent a strong message across to stop the finning. Thank you Bob for all the great effort in making this documentary. I hope this documentary will allow not only me but also to all divers from around the world to spot more sharks during their dive trips in coming years.
- CK

powerful film. makes me wish i had a magic wand.
- karen smith

You have inspired me a lot. I am only 14, but this movie has inspired me to save sharks. This film makes us all aware of the inhumane and torture that animals such as sharks and turtles recieve. The saddest footage of that turtle being killed was terrible...
- Yishan Lin

What a magnificent piece of work and how tragic at the same time. Thank you for opening my eyes to a cause that deserves all of our support. We all have a moral duty to spread the word and support your noble efforts. Bravo.
- Adam Ratzker

I didn\ t know what I was getting myself into when I started watching this movie, and by its end I was devastated by the desecration done to these animals by the shark fin hunters. How can those of us not eating this product ever stop its harvest, so embedded in a culture known for its lack of environmental sensitivity? Westerners aren\ t paragons either, but we have become aware, and Rob, with this movie, we are more aware of the undefended sharks, and you are the one man who has started that mission. I hope that your voice becomes a huge roar which no one can turn away from. Thank you for the vision.
- Deborah Martens

I have just seen the documentry for the first time. Rob you have done a supereb job on making this and im sure have opened a huge amount of peopls eyes to what is going on in the world not just the costa ricans but world wide. I have dived with sharks myself and what amazing creatures close up in the flesh. Just wish i could do it every day and help them to survive.
- gary sayes

Such an amazing movie.
- Adam Russin