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if only we could as be as passionate and aware as the people who stuck with making this doco through to the truly are an inspiration! an amazing doco (i got so caught up in it i had to pull out the tissues at one stage!) ill be telling everyone i know about it. peace!
- Keeta J

I finally ordered and received this DVD last week; and just watched it today. This powerful film practically left me speechless. Rob, all the accolades in the world would not be enough to show my appreciation for your efforts! I especially loved the Chinese woman who equated finning to slicing off an ear; and thus did not serve SF soup at her wedding; you go girl! Of course, I would not have wished last week’s earthquake in China on people like her, or the many children that were killed. However, to all shark finners, SFS eaters, and especially the Taiwanese mafia: you SOB’s all deserve to buried in rubble; and I hope you get shook again and again!
- B.H. - USA

Rob, your entusiasm and love for sharks is palpable. It deeply moved me to tears to think of what we as humans have done and continue to do to our world. I hope your film moves more people to save sharks.
- Christina from Toronto

I love sharks and was devastated to learn that they and other specices are being decimated. This documentary helped wake me from my slumber of ignorance and denial to acknowledge the \ larger picture\ and the role and responsibility we all have as the supposed superior life form on this planet. I hope it will wake many others to the needs of Sharks and indeed the Earth and all life upon it. I am truly grateful and humble to those have for years striven to take action where others who have the ability to effect actual change, have done nothing. You are an inspiration and guiding light to us all. THANK YOU.
- Ash

It\ s an astonishing movie.Why a movie so awarded has not been selected to contest the Oscars?
- Miquel

Terrific insight about one of the most beautiful and amazing animals. Only true knowledge can cure so many years of ignorace.
- Lance J Robbins

I was genuinely eager to view this documentary. However, why it needed anything regarding the \"Theory of Evolution\" in the film I don\ t understand. Seemed out of place. It was a Great Film and helped me see things from another perspective as far as the world goes, not just sharks...very insiteful. Next time, please keep matters of opinion like evolution out of it, and stick to the facts.
- J. Thiessen

I thought this documentary was amazing! Informative and unbelievable footage! Everybody should watch this movie. Great job!
- J Dub

Truly incredible and disturbing. How can we be so ignorant and cruel? I cried alot during this movie and after as well, but it has pushed me to do something about the sharks plight. Thank you.
- Lena Saunders

Go Rob!! save the sharks great documentary too bad most people who inhabit this earth are ignorant and chase after the material things (money) in life humanity is doomed
- Sid