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A very compassionate and eye-opening documentary. It has changed the way I see sharks, and I felt very distressed by how they\ re slaughtered and maimed so thoughlessly by fin fishermen. Thank you for making this movie. I hope many more people will see it and create a public outcry against shark fishing so that governments will have to do something about it.
- Sara

I loved Rob
- J. Gross

wow it was amazing I just loved it. I also loved Rob he is a hotie hot hotie.
- Jenna G. not Lauren S.

inspiring, shocking and disturbing. How could we close our eyes to such a disaster ? We need to help our planet rather killing it. We have already done enough damages, we should think LIFE rather profit. For my son, I hope we can repair the mess we have done so that one day, when we\ ll be gone, he can remember us as people who changed the way things were for the best of our futur. The best, for his futur. Thank you.
- Îronique

THANK YOU ROB! Your film made smile, loose fear and cry my eyes out...hopefully someday I´ll be able to be calm while surrounded by sharks underwater, and perhaps they will also come closer... Hopefully in the future there will be much more of them also... Greetings from a fellow diver and environmentalist, Giovi
- Giovana

Really inspiring doco, Rob was there after the film to talk to us, really nice guy :) hope this get\ s people thinking!
- Tenielle

cela noous fait bien refléchire et peut faire prendre conciensce ke lanimale le plus dangereux n\ est que l(homme en veriter film tres touchant
- sarah

Amazing!!!. Thanks for doing this. I am actually from Costa Rica but I live in Toronto now. It was so moving seeing that you made a difference in my country!!!... Thanks.
- Jonathan

Your dedication to publicizing the terribly cruelty and devastation of this beautiful and misunderstood species is more important that any of us realize at this moment. Thank you for your courage. For your love. I am forever changed.
- Shauna Mac

Absolutely eye opening- SHARKS NEED TO BE SAVED
- andy C.