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This movie was a definite eye opener. I saw this documentary when it was first released and just went out and bought it tonight for my own personal DVD collection. I cannot believe for years countries have been participating in illegal shark fin operations and have been killing sharks solely for their fins, it is devastating. Rob Stewart has produced a beautiful documentary on a serious issue that needs to be exposed. I give two thumbs up to him, along with fellow activist Rick O Barry who showcased dolphin slaughters to the world via his documentary "The Cove". I would love to meet both Rob and Rick as they are both idols of mine. Thank you for showcasing your work to the world.
- Hayley

I give it on a scale of 5 stars 10 stars best documentary ever!

After watching this movie, i have a totally different view on sharks. It hurt me to see them killed by selfish and greedy people. I hope that many people will watch this documentary and they will help in the fight against shark finning. they are beautiful creatures and they are at the top of our food chain. please i hope people help
- Meg

Un documentaire qui ma touché toutes c est horreures pour de la soupe ou son nos valeurs et en plus pour l éco systeme de l océan on a besoin des requins je suis un passioné de plongée j ai commencé a Cuba et mes instructeurs nourrissent et prennent soin des requins bulldogs je suis de tous coeurs avec vos éffords avec mes salutations a toutes vos équipes el tiburon alias jérôme
- jbayard

mankind decided to finally show their true colors!
- rhiannon

This is very inspirational and this shows that nobody has it easy Cuz of this I will always want to help sharks
- Julia

I have always been very afraid of sharks. After watching this I have a different view. What a great documentary, never thought I would have tears in my eyes over something I have been afraid of. I hope that all his hard work is paying off, maybe now that I watched this I will one day face my fears with these amazing creatures.
- Taryn

I am exactly the same as rob stuart i dont stop thinking about them i free dive with them every day and dont ever get board i would love to meet rob stuart and im going to try make a speech about saving sharks in front of my school.
- Lindsey

A moving documentary that really puts the horrors of shark-finning into the light!
- Arolra

This movie absolutley changed my life, I would love to be a marine biologist and study sharks and help them survive. Rob did a amazing job, superb.
- Camilla