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It is always a shame to see how people can destroy everything around them. I really appreciated this movie and I hope it will have a great success around the world (even in Asia...).
- Arnaud (France)

sharkwater is the sadest movie ever
- matthew burskey

I\ m really surprise after watching this movie. I wanna thanks for this movie. Surely, SharkWater has changed the way I think about sharks. I can\ t describe in words about how cruel the shark finning is. We need to save sharks!!!
- bourne

Awesome movie i have been moved by it.I used to be scared by sharks Because of the shark movie (jaws) but after see this has really changed my life and my moved
- Katie Parker

This movie was one of the best documenerays i have ever seen. the sharks are awesome and when u got hurt i felt bad for you
- Dylan

i was always interested in sharks but didn\ t know all that much about them. i saw Sharkwater,and i was soo upset about sharkfinning started to cry. i learned soo much about sharks watchig this movie. you people ROCK!!!!!
- myself

ur movie was soo kool!! i felt really bad for all the sharks especially the wale sharks. they dont even eat meat!! wat is these peoples problems??!!
- sad peep

I loved the movie! i felt so bad for the dorector dude when he was hurt feel better :P i loved the sharks the part with the turtle made me feel depresed sniffle
- Baby Mihajdu

I find it sad to see the destruction that humans can do to what we fear but how beautiful it is to understand what we fear and to be able to reverse our way of thinking. The images in this movie were so wonderful and we need to do something now to be able to see them forever. We need to act now. Great movie.
- Guillaume Thibeault

This is amazing!! i cried so much, it is so sad. i hope this movie can alert more people to what\ s going on
- Nikki