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Rob an utter inspiration! if we all simply follow your foot prints we can make a difference. Myself a fellow diver and shark lover i have started to begin my journey in the important change towards saving the sharks and the human life as we know it! again congratulations
- Stephanie

his film was amazing, absolutely beautiful!
- Mel & Adam

I too have been a lover of Sharks since childhood. Although this movie was unbearable at times, it is necessar for people to understand the truths of these beautiful creatures. Thank You for making us all aware, and for trying to stop a catastrophe in the making.
- Megan

I was always afraid of sharks because of all of the bites I\ ve seen. Now that I watched Sharkwater I feel like every one should try to say the sharks. I totally hate that people are finning the sharks. It\ s like really mean!!
- Jasmine

Rob's Passion and coviction is truly inspiring. A MUST SEE film!

The movie ,as it went, changed from sharks to us needing and saving sharks. I do think we can all make a difference if we actually TRY
- luxar

completely inspiring! I want to save the sharks... you lead the way we will support you! You are amazing!
- kylie

The most amazing documentary of all time. It has even given me a dream career. To work on the Sea Sheppard! Even though I\ m 13, this documentary has made me care about what is going on the the world and it helped me find so much maturit. Thank you!
- Emily

An inspiration to stand up and do something. Every day since I saw it, I\ ve told another person, sent another email, made another call... The point is getting across.
- Aleks

Excellent work! Cheers to you all who were involved in the creation of sharkwater. I myself am a marine hobbyist who takes great interest in the ocean and what it has to offer. The movie Sharkwater is just the beginning of what power we need to change whats going on but it\ s a heck of a jumpstart. Lets all do our part.
- Justin James