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I hope you succeed in your fight. We must save them!! I support you!! Carry on!!!
- Lily

Amazing. educational and gut wrenching. Anyone who sees this now has your attention. Thank you.
- lois

Thank You. One of the most profound and important movies I\ ve ever see. Thank you, again.
- Matt

Great film Rob! Finally someone has the guts to make this film. Any chance it will be viewed by Chinese/Asian viewers? I mean if one needs to make an impact, go to the source - the main consumers. I\ m Asian but I\ ve stop consuming sharks and other so-called healing (by the Asians any way)sea & land animals when I was 14 yrs old. When the demands stops, the killing can to!
- Shanny Khoo

It is always a shame to see how people can destroy everything around them. I really appreciated this movie and I hope it will have a great success around the world (even in Asia...).
- Arnaud (France)

sharkwater is the sadest movie ever
- matthew burskey

I\ m really surprise after watching this movie. I wanna thanks for this movie. Surely, SharkWater has changed the way I think about sharks. I can\ t describe in words about how cruel the shark finning is. We need to save sharks!!!
- bourne

Awesome movie i have been moved by it.I used to be scared by sharks Because of the shark movie (jaws) but after see this has really changed my life and my moved
- Katie Parker

This movie was one of the best documenerays i have ever seen. the sharks are awesome and when u got hurt i felt bad for you
- Dylan

i was always interested in sharks but didn\ t know all that much about them. i saw Sharkwater,and i was soo upset about sharkfinning started to cry. i learned soo much about sharks watchig this movie. you people ROCK!!!!!
- myself