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Thanks Rob. You are my hero from now on.
- Jimmy Andersson

I watched the movie and thought it was amazing. I showed it to my environmental science students who also thought it was amazing. Currently the students are working on shark finning posters in class. They will be hung around the school. Excellent movie. The movie showed not only the cruelty towards sharks but the beauty. It was a refreshing mix.
- Amy

Thank you for this extraordinary documentary; Normally I never go over to my PC and actually do more research on the subject. Thanks Rob for being yourself and doing what many of us would never dare to try! Cheers to you from Toronto
- Humayun Kobir

I loved the film I watched it in class I have to right over 5 paraghaphs on how it is wrong to be killing sharks. And it only took 30 min. cuz I had so much to say about how it is wrong to be killing sharks
- sophia xanthis

Thanks Rob for this extraordinary movie. I am a diver now for a over 12 years and i love to be with Sharks underwater. I was never really scared about them, because i ve seen them underwater and i think everybody should go underwater and watch this magnificiant creature. They are just amazing and if we are not stopping killing them our childrens and their children will maybe never have the change again to see these beautiful animals. I will try to make a year as a volunteer at a Sharksaving organisation after i ve finished school. Thanks alot for the Movie. And have lots of fun in the Sharkwaters of our world, aslong we ve got them.
- Marc Schlifski

th film was an amazing way to say thankyou to sharks and let the human race feel like they have a right to protecteverything in nature even if its not cute and cuddly.
- (-)x0r

After the shock I started to cry and after that I realized how cruel can be a human beign. Thanks for an extraordinary movie and for make me believe that in some way I can help.
- Juliana Rosales

This film needed to be made. Thank you for your bravery and continued efforts. It was incredibly moving and has inspired me to do whatever I can to help. Thank you again.
- Darlene Kinney

This movie opened up my eyes, as I hope any movie goer would experience!I watched this movie and thought how significant these creatures are and how I couldn\ t imagen myself without them there! Long live sharks!!!
- Abbi van Bergen

This film is one that opens your eyes and could change your life. I felt completely devasted with the human race and at the same time in awe of individuals like Rob who don\ t give up.
- Jennifer Kahn