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ur movie was soo kool!! i felt really bad for all the sharks especially the wale sharks. they dont even eat meat!! wat is these peoples problems??!!
- sad peep

I loved the movie! i felt so bad for the dorector dude when he was hurt feel better :P i loved the sharks the part with the turtle made me feel depresed sniffle
- Baby Mihajdu

I find it sad to see the destruction that humans can do to what we fear but how beautiful it is to understand what we fear and to be able to reverse our way of thinking. The images in this movie were so wonderful and we need to do something now to be able to see them forever. We need to act now. Great movie.
- Guillaume Thibeault

This is amazing!! i cried so much, it is so sad. i hope this movie can alert more people to what\ s going on
- Nikki

This film was an eye opener and I hope everyone gives it a chance to watch. Hearing it is on thing, but watching it for seeing it for yourself it a totally different story.
- Elizabeth- Louisiana

You are a true hero and I hope this battle can be won. Thank you for making such a wonderful documentary that I hope will educate and inspire many to think about what we are doing to the sharks.
- Dara - Toronto

I used to think sharks were like scary creatures but after watching this video i will never be the same. shark cruelty is horrible i hate our speices for doing this
- Gina

Great story, Rob!. Our world needs more knights & crusaders like you. Being a diver myself who\ s encountered a few of them, i really enjoyed the way you swim with them. You got to go on a worldtour with conferences to promote the awareness. You will be welcome overhere. Keep it up!
- Phil, Paris

I have had a love affair with sharks ever since I was young. They have been far my favorite animal. Friends and co-workers have always questioned by choice of favorite animal. So now, I can show them this film in hopes that they can too learn to like sharks and not fear them.
- Chris

Thank you for producing this important and inspiring documentary. I truly believe that the awareness this movie promotes will help us save the Earth. I didn\ t realize the devastation that the shark population faces until I saw this movie. Thank you for making us all aware that something needs to be done very soon.
- Gina