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This was truely an eye opener. Thankyou
- Chris

The movie was amazing. It showed just how ignorant the world is about what we are doing to our wildlife. I wish it was as easy as taking people by the shoulders, shaking them, while yelling “Stop it, Stop it, Stop it! Can’t you see that you’re wreaking everything?” The sad part is that it’s happening not only to sharks, but to other animals that are essential to our existence. What is the point in teaching younger generations about the beauty of our planet, if there won’t be much left by the time they learn to appreciate it?
- A. Pepe

This movie was eye opening. I hope that people soon realize the truth about sharks and how important they are to the circle of life.
- Frances Horvath

Rob, great job!!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I\ m a big shark lover and can\ t believe that this is happening! Continue fighting for them. Your movie really touched me and i\ m glad that someone out there is doing something to save the sharks. Thanks again
- Nathalie

After watching this movie, I vowed never to eat any of the many endangered species on this planet.I am Asian and have had my share of Shark\ s Fin soup at weddings but only in the last few years have I truly felt disdain for my countrymen in their beliefs that everything from tiger testicles to bear gall bladder can cure anything.I am ashamed sometimes for my countrymen.
- norman

An amazing movie, may a lot of single people awaken to this issue and do something about it.
- Raven Dover

IN ENGLISH : hello, I saw Sharkwater, which I hope will oblige governements to adopt new shark protection laws as it has already been done for whales. By the way, the movie is really well done and very . Congratulations. EN FRANCAIS : bonjuor, j\ ai vu \"Les Seigneurs De La Mer\" qui, je l\ espère, contraindra les gouvernements à adopter de nouvelles lois de protection des requins, comme cela a déjà été fait pour les blaleines. Par ailleurs, le film est remarquablement réalisé. Félicitations.
- Michael

I hope you succeed in your fight. We must save them!! I support you!! Carry on!!!
- Lily

Amazing. educational and gut wrenching. Anyone who sees this now has your attention. Thank you.
- lois

Thank You. One of the most profound and important movies I\ ve ever see. Thank you, again.
- Matt