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Thanks you for your great movie. We can see that mankind is very cruel and that me make sad. Save the sharks, save the world.
- Juu

I was always curious about the shark fin soup, due to the price and people talking about the flavour..but after watching the truth behind it I feel so ashame and so ignorant about the way I am living. I am very grateful that you had made this documentary and hope that other people realize how important Sharks are to our world and the future.
- Christina

Thank you Rob. I look upon this world with shame, because I realize that for the majority of us human beings, it\ s easier to destroy than *not * to destroy. And it\ s unfortunate...
- Enoah

Amazing movie. I\ ve been a shark freak for two years and I\ ve waited for five months for the movie to come out on DVD and I got it the day it came out. It was worth every minute of the wait. I\ ve been trying to raise shark awarness ever since I found out about the movie in november of 2007 (the last day it was playing in california ><). Unfortunately no one is listening to me. Rob was right in the movie, everyone wants to save pandas and elephants and the world is afraid of sharks. Fortunately I have raised awarness to a few of my friends.
- Pat

This movie changed my view of sharks. In school 4 classes got together and watched the documentary. We learned so much and it made us want to do something about shark finning. Our thoughts were missleaded by the government and I think this movie has made a huge impact on the world. I think everybody should watch sharkwater. The views are amazing but most important it\ s informing us. The more poeple watch the more of a difference we can make. Tell everyone you know about Sharkwater!
- Nicole N

All shark fans and supporters should purchase this DVD or Blue ray disc! It is very reasonably priced on the home page of this site. Assuming that a portion of this money is earmarked for shark conservation, it would be worth at least double the price! Rob, your efforts are going to make a huge difference!
- Marine life luvr

Rob – You are THE MAN! To call you or your efforts amazing would be a gross understatement. I cannot fathom how anyone with half a conscience could treat these fantastic creatures with such impunitive disregard for life in the name of personal avarice and material gain. To shark finners and shark fin traders across the planet: bad karma is headed your way; and probably sooner than you might expect!
- A wannabe shark conservationist

Sharks are not only awesome in design and function; but they also play a crucial role in global marine ecosystems. If these ecosystems collapse, then so will life on land. Shark finners rank at the top of my hate list; right up there with Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein! Let\ s make these pieces of human waste stop their witchcraft now!
- Bill, USA

wow! I see sharks in a whole new way. Everyone can make a difference, thank you.
- Bri

wow rob i can not belev you did that you are amasing and you no what when you said it was like your family dieing i cryed b/c if my family was dieing i would try to do something about it to. you are a shark saver and i love you for that you are my herow i lovr you man!! i hape things chang
- shark lover