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Sharks are not only awesome in design and function; but they also play a crucial role in global marine ecosystems. If these ecosystems collapse, then so will life on land. Shark finners rank at the top of my hate list; right up there with Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein! Let\ s make these pieces of human waste stop their witchcraft now!
- Bill, USA

wow! I see sharks in a whole new way. Everyone can make a difference, thank you.
- Bri

wow rob i can not belev you did that you are amasing and you no what when you said it was like your family dieing i cryed b/c if my family was dieing i would try to do something about it to. you are a shark saver and i love you for that you are my herow i lovr you man!! i hape things chang
- shark lover

Thank you for all this. Still hope man would change...
- lo

wow what an eye opener. i would recommend this movie to anyone. your an inspiration.
- curtis

Thank you for this marvellous film and to have opened the eyes on the sharks. This is by a d\ lack; instruction and of knowledge on the sea and its lords who the generally accepted ideas circulate and whom we let us make the mistake to be afraid of this splendid animal. Your film is a lesson and should be known greater number.
- Virginie

Rob, As a retired journalist with 35 years in the national and international field..all I can say is You and the crew did one hell of a job on a story the mainstream media totaly screwed up and continues to do so.
- John Ennis

This movie was amazing. I think only through awarness like this movie can we stop this destuctive practice. I think education of the nations & cultures that are consuming these shark fins. After watching this movie we need stop this destructive practice at the source the consumer.
- Darren Fisher

this film took me on an emotional roller coaster! ive luved sharks, ever since we went to Hawaii for the first time when i was 10. ive luved them, but i didnt know very much about them, now all i wanna do is get in the water with them!! Rob, you\ re such an inspiration:)
- Corinn

THANK YOU ROB! The film was amazing. All my life ive been afraid of sharks, yet when i watched this film i realized how amazing creatures they really are. I agree that this film should be shown in all schools, in fact this is where i saw the film. For english class we must write an essay about the film shark water. I think it is really great that you are trying to get peoples attention that long line fishing does exist and its very cruel. First golbal warming, now this, how can we manage to make things much worse? Thank you very much for creating this film, Hopefully it will help make a difference.