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Hi!im in france. i live near the sea in brest. your film is really great. i knew the sea shepperd with the book \"au nom des mers\". it s great you can work with paul watson. i wish i could help you to fight against this ecological massacre. keep on your fight! i support you. congratulations
- Christian

My husband Joseph and I watched this movie yesterday. I love Sharks since I was a child and watching this movie really hurt me. Seeing those sharks butchered for nothing made me sick in my stomach. I hope that movie will open the eyes of many people. Sharks have to be protected like all the other endangered species!! Please keep it up, Rob!!
- Sonja & Joseph

i live in France.Once i heard about this film on TV and i\ ve waited for several weeks to see the movie in the cinema.i\ ve been deeply touched by it!i think it\ s very audacious to take care of sharks because everybody are afraid of them.i told my family and all my friends about this action and i hope they\ ll take it seriously! continue what you\ re doing Rob,it has done its effect on a lot of people... congratulations !
- dima

I\ ve always had an interest in sharks they are my favourite wild life animal. I was hoping one day to be able to swim with sharks. I rented Sharkwater which now I\ m going to purchase. This movie is beautiful and now you can understand the truth and why sharks are important to us. Sharks are not man eaters!!! this movie is touching full of life and full of passion it moved me emotionally I recommend this flim for every one it will open eyes to the truth God Bless the sharks and all wild life and bless Rob

I saw Sharkwater yesterday with my son. Great film with strong message to human people ! Protect sharks against all barbarians that kill for money without thinking of future generations. Keep the faith in humanity !
- olivier sindezingue

After viewing SHARKWATER (absolutely great movie), here is my new definition of the initials of a SHARK: \ S\ ave these \ H\ eroes \ A\ way from the \ R\ eal \ K\ illers: the Human Being

I\ m french. You and your staff are really amazing...Just a big THANKS for everythings you do..we must change people\ s mind.. Thank you...
- Erwan

it\ s because of (unfortunately) \"jaws\" that I owe my passion and my fascination for the sharks. I find on the other hand monstrous the way in which they are pursued and exterminated. Continue your actions and do not release anything
- Christophe

Je viens d\ aller voir le film avec mon père et je suis complètement choquée. J\ avais déjà vu des reportages sur le massacre des baleines et des dauphins, mais jamais sur celui des requins. J\ éspère que la communauté internationale va réagir très vite. Je vais essayer d\ agir à mon échelle, mais j\ habite en France et à part parler du film autour de moi je sais pas trop quoi faire. En tout cas, bravo pour le film! Heureusement qu\ il a des gens comme vous défendre la planète :)
- Alizée

I saw the film yesterday and I\ m still upset. I wish it will open many eyes on the role of each species. I will dive with sharks as soon as I can!! thank you and congratulations for these so wonderful images.
- Agathe