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This movie needed to be made. The truth about sharks has surfaced. Take that hollywood!It was so amazing, no words can describe this movie. Go see it!
- Dorothy

je tien a tirer un gros coup de chapeau pour ce film qui est vraiment magnifique. c\ est une triste réalité mais vous avez raison l\ homme est le plus grand prédateur, nous nous auto tuons. PS: j\ aimeré connaitre le titre de la musique lorsque l\ on voi un band de requin essayant d\ atrapé un poisson de couleur rouge.
- Rémi

Liked the movie. But why is it that this movie is not available for free if the cause is the matter???
- Samuel Yorkshire

enfin un film qui colle à ma façon de penser!!!!! il révèle le vrai visage des requins !!!! on a juste envie après le film d\ embarquer direct sur un bateau et de partir sauver les requins ainsi que les autres espèces marines en danger!!!!!
- louise

Sharks need also to be controlled in order to protect ourselves from and our children from shark bites on beaches. Using Shark Shield units could be a way.
- Safe Guard

Sublissime! beaucoup d\ émotion dans ce film, cela remet beaucoup de chose en question.Bravo vraiment! Je suis allée voir le site de Sea shepperd et pour ma part j\ achete tout de suite un tee shirt.
- kpz céline

Critical message, astonishing cinematography, moving story. A little too cheesey-sentimental, soft science, and waaaaaaaaaay too much beefcake ego shots of this guy on the website!
- jmleamon

one of the best or the best movie i\ ve ever seen! i think it enrages every viewer, what other people do with those great animals and that they try not to unterstand the opponents. a must for everyone to see this movie! just to let them unterstand what\ s going on this planet. but what is also important is to give the people who live by shark hunting an other possibility to earn money. if they had one, they could stop it. but they don\ t stop, because they need it to surrive! even if this is not a justification for their practices, because they are just destroying the worldwide ecosystem, and probably the live of many people who would live in the future.
- guest

that was beautiful filming the ocean is beautiful. I bought the movie too just trying to get the word out the public now! This film was so moving. Man kind is so ruthless, always wanting more and more money. Life is not about money. We have to save our planet. Which means the animals on it!!!
- ashley

What a great movie. I am very glad that there are people with a passion like this who are brave enough to act. San Lo, very glad to hear it!
- Seb