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This is the best documentary I ve ever seen ! So gripping and striking ! It touched me so much. I love sharks since my childhood, and what it s happening to these respectable animals is awful. I saw your movie 2 weeks ago and it was like an electroshock. Before, I didn t know how to help sharks. Now, I m making turn your movie, as a start. I want to raise public awareness and do everything I can to save sharks. Thank you Rob Stewart, Sea Shepherd and everybody who worked on this movie. The world would need more people like you !
- Tiffany

bonjour! je suis avec vous dans le combats pour la sauvegarde des requins. je suis d accord avec vous, nous sommes des primates et nous croyons être dieu au-dessus des autre êtres vivants.
- boi francia

This is awesome,shark loving and awesome AGAIN!
- Jerric

Asia has to STOP treating the world s oceans as their own private sushi bar. Japan has raped the world s oceans for whales and now China does it for shark soup. A whole generation of young Asians need to stand up and say "NO MORE" and until they do, the oceans don t stand a chance. But are they up to the challenge....?
- Michelle

After ive have watch this video, i felt i need to do something to protect the ocean from the humans. This is the greatest video about Sharks! GoodJob
- Jason Yeow

Very emotional and extremely eye opening. I envy the work you do for the sharks and ocean. Never stop.
- Emma

About a week ago I heard about the movie and watched yesterday, is an incredible amazing and aducational video. It touched my heart deeply, making me feel like I need to do something to contribute saving sharks and more than that to save our world, so for now the only idea Ive got is to share the movie with family and friends and ask them to not consume any of shark products nor eat nor fish!
- Jenny K

This is an icredible and informational video. I am truly a changed person after watching it. The slaughter of sharks is completely immorale and unexcusable. I would be willing to put my life and liberty on the line to help on the front lines of this most important of causes. One person can make a difference and I believe this in my soul. I would like to volunteer my time and effort to this truly needed cause. han
- Kenneth Buxton

I have never seen such an amazing video. There are so many issues in the world, and the fact that sharks are being killed by the million each day is horrible, and is continuously ignored. We as people need to come together and make a change. It s one of the most touching videos I ve ever seen. As soon as I m old enough, I will come help you!
- Jessica

THX that s a great aswner!
- Lorrie