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Bravo pour ce magnifique témoignage, simple et poignant. Pourquoi ne pas vendre des T-Shirts ou autres pour promouvoir la cause des requins?
- Olivier

This is the greatest film ever! A must see movie. It opens eyes and entertains you. Rob Stewart is an amazing person. You will want to fight for sharks at the end of this film. Thank you Rob Stewart, Paul Watson, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and anyone else for saving sharks and our oceans!
- Jacklyn

The truth about the animal we fear the most.To find the truth first we must explore the truth.
- Don Heppenstall

Great movie about a real victim of man\ s greed. Don\ t people understand what we are doing to our planet.
- Owen Payne

when i watched this movie it mad me so mad to see that so many beautiful creatures are killed when they dont do anything wrong... most shark attacks are mistakes... the shark mistakes someone for a seal or something... i really like sharks... and a few of my friends and i have planned to go shark diving for one of my birthdays... i think sharks are really interesting
- Kirsty

i command all workless people to fight with sea shepherd against those cruel bitches out on the ocean. i would love to give my last diaper for rob stewart and his courageous fight.
- stewie griffin ***

great work. i am doing my little bit here. almost disowning my (asian) family and relatives over shark finning! I hope this ends soon, I so hope so!. Mankind so doesn\ t deserve to live on this planet
- San Lo

Why do they not highlight good news issues - for instance Countries such as Australia that have very strict rules, no waste policy, stringent quota system - and a very responsible industry that works hard with the Government to ensure sustainability and full use of shark for human consumption purpose?
- mark

wow an awseme film!

wow what a remarkable movie! i literally cried during this movie. it was really moving, and it really made an impact on my life. rob you are amazing, you are my hero!
- chiara