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wow what a remarkable movie! i literally cried during this movie. it was really moving, and it really made an impact on my life. rob you are amazing, you are my hero!
- chiara

Thank you for that film. It is a beautiful film, apart from seeing those sharks butchered. Horrible and really sad. I\ m gonna pray for all the animals over the world; Sorry that mankind does exist! Please continue the fight to stop those bastards! I\ m with you.
- Cristiano

An amazing film.I hope that many people change her mind about sharks after wachting this movie. Thank you Rob!
- Julian

I thought that the movie was the most amazing thing i\ ve ever seen. Rob, ever since i was born i have always loved sharks. i think that they are the most amazing, beutiful, magnificent, and incredible creatures. Please keep doing what ever it is that you are doing, because apperantly it works. i am now ordering this movie on dvd to show to my friends that sharks are harmless and magnificent creatures. they still don\ t believe me but after thay watch the movie i hpe they will!!!
- Adriana Martinez

This film did cost me quite a lot of sleep- but it also did remind me, why I\ m studying Biology. Thank you- and keep on fighting!
- Franziska

From tomorow me and my girlfriend will be greenpeace members ... thanks to this movie. Go and do the same, we need to do something and to help those who are doing something.
- Matt

Amazing movie. I\ ve always had a love of sharks but didnt know how far we has humans had gone to get what we want. To see the lies that people say to keep the fear of sharks alive, and money in their pockets. Rob keep up your work to save sharks and people will open their eyes to see the truth and beauty in them.
- Alysia

Hi!im in france. i live near the sea in brest. your film is really great. i knew the sea shepperd with the book \"au nom des mers\". it s great you can work with paul watson. i wish i could help you to fight against this ecological massacre. keep on your fight! i support you. congratulations
- Christian

My husband Joseph and I watched this movie yesterday. I love Sharks since I was a child and watching this movie really hurt me. Seeing those sharks butchered for nothing made me sick in my stomach. I hope that movie will open the eyes of many people. Sharks have to be protected like all the other endangered species!! Please keep it up, Rob!!
- Sonja & Joseph

i live in France.Once i heard about this film on TV and i\ ve waited for several weeks to see the movie in the cinema.i\ ve been deeply touched by it!i think it\ s very audacious to take care of sharks because everybody are afraid of them.i told my family and all my friends about this action and i hope they\ ll take it seriously! continue what you\ re doing Rob,it has done its effect on a lot of people... congratulations !
- dima