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Good movie, good quality. If u enjoy sharks watch it. If u care for our planet. Watch it.
- Mikael

This movie really made on impact in my home, I watched it with my son, who is 4 years old, he now says that he wants to grow up and be a voice for sharks. thank you
- Jen

Just wanted to say thank you for making that movie and for not giving up. I\ m a sea lover. can\ t live without. I cry since i\ m a little girl when i sea animal being killed. I cried when i saw wharkwater. People need to know to change their mind regarding sharks. I fighting everyday for them and all other species, for the environment. I hope this movie will make the difference. Thank you so much again.
- Aude

The \"we are no more than primates\" part of the movie is so true! I knew about sharks but not to that extent... Thank you so much. I am gonna make sure as many people as possible see it.
- Marina

This was so moving.. i never cried for sharks before. I can\ t believe the cruelty that these poor creatures endure. they are tortured. they are so beautiful and magnificant. I have always been drawn to the great white, so beautiful, i want my children to see the wonder in them that i do. When i was in school they had adopt a whale, they should do that for the sharks now. what a joy it would be for the kids. I know my girls would love that.
- Jennifer

I\ ve been waiting to see this movie for five months because it wasn\ t playing in my area. I bought the DVD the day it came out (today) and watched it. It is by far the best movie I\ ve ever seen and went beyond all my expectations.
- Pat

Une magnifique ode à la beauté et la majesté des seigneurs de la mer. Moments intenses, magiques et si riches en émotions lorsque Rob Stewart nage avec ces merveilles de la nature. Nous humains ne sommes que des parasites devant ces perfections de la nature. J\ espère que ce film permettra de faire bouger les choses. L\ avenir se trouve dans les océans.
- Nicolas Guerineau

While Asia is a large part of this issue, they are not the sole offenders. Today on Facebook, a girl from the UK stated that there are restaurants there with shark fin soup on its menu. Regardless of location, one way to get results is to get as many people as you can to pretend to be interested in eating at these places, then storming out in response to this item on the menu. It is important to make it clear that that is the reason you are leaving! More people doing this will equal more swift results!
- Shark Hunter H8R

I am feeling more than touched watching this marvelous piece of art - taken a deep, deep breath... I am longing to meet my friends then soon again... deep down, where life is worth living. Thank you ROB for what you have brought to ALL of us.

back home in the Comores Islands,the Chineese and Japaneese are feeding our ministers with 4X4 Toyota and we all know why ,but today by watching this film you open my eyes man , and how or whene but somethin will be done soon or latter Nazir FRANCE
- najah74