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Changed the way I view sharks and the ocean, truly touched me, this is a must see documentary!
- Noah Morales

wonderful movie! thanks Rob for this opened eyes movie. I hope it will come out soon in the theater in people can see what money and fear can do... thanks again and keep fighting...
- sebastien

This movie was amazing. It is the only documentry that I actually want to see again. I came to only to find out if it was coming back to theatres like it is in the United States. Im glad to know it is being released on dvd and video so i can show my family and friends this movie.

A dream come true. Thanks for this movie. They\ re so beautiful...
- Eléonore

Rob, you are an amazing person! I have been doing nothing but writing emails to people practically begging to stop the killing of sharks, and other animals. This movie was outstanding. It really makes you think about what goes on in the world around us, and just because you ignore it doesn\ t means it\ s going to go away, and it doesn\ t mean dedicated people like yourself are either, and I thank god for that.
- Chantel

dear sharkwater This movie is wonderful a real eye opener for those who hate sharks. Please put this movie on dvd so I can show my family what they reallly are. I have loved sharks for over seven years.It really made me cry. I wasn\ t happy there were only one other family beside us.
- sannah Sheikh

i am upset cant see this film anywhere in the uk anymore
- harry harris-driscoll

let those people who hunt sharke be cursed to life long misary
- jo blow

This film should be made compulsary viewing in schools. Children are our future, and if we do not educate them, then it\ ll be a future without sharks. Sure the images are disturbing and gruesome, but that is the nature of shark finning, and people\ s eyes need opening to what is happening. Possibly one of the most disturning things was the emptimess of the cinema at the viewing I attended. Only ten people made up the whole audience, and six of those were myself and my friends. Compelling viewing.
- Sarah

Please make this movie more available (theater or DVD). I have not been able to see it and would greatly like to...
- Kristi, Kansas City MO