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I\ m living in France and I\ ve just seen the movie tonight with my boyfriend. Well, just one word : THANKS. Thanks for shooting and showing such a documentary. I just wish the governments that let wild shark fishing be, will very soon get the message and make this unbearable massacre stop once for good. And really, congratulations for the courage of all the movie team during the adventure in risky countries. The documentary is really well made. Bye.
- Michael

I live in Switzerland I saw this movie 3 hours ago and I run on this website to try to do something to have more information. I\ m disgusted about what was done to the sharks in the movie. People don\ t have heart to do that ! It\ s really a good movie it really touched me and my husband I cried and it touched my heart deeply. I\ m with you. Congratulations Rob.
- Audrey

At least a film that reveals barbary and stupidity of mankind against animals beings. If only we could all be a little bit more active against such activities and less passive! Thank you very much, I hope this movie will give weight to ecology and respect of the nature.
- Arnaud

Thank you, rob, that you are on earth. Stay how you are!
- verena

Very important movie. I saw it with my son and his friend. I was crying for all the animals dying only for money. Thank you
- Dagmar

Hi! I\ m french and I\ m going to see \"Sharkwater\" on monday or tuesday. Thank you so much because it is the film I\ ve been waiting for all my life (although I\ m only 14 !). As soon as I see the movie, I will tell you my opinion about it , eventhough I think it\ s going to be my favourite one !
- Laurie

I just purchased sharkwater on dvd and immediately opened and watched it. It was breath taking. It is an amazing film that I can watch and share everyday. Thank you for everything you do and for the people you are.
- Conni

Thanks for this incredible movie! here in germany it just got into cinemas and i can`t wait to have it on dvd to show it all my friends and family gonna see this with my 10 year old sister a second time, cause its so important to tell young people those things for that they may do better then we did...
- Alex

Verry good film, Save the sharks
- Dam

I saw your movie last night and it certainly pulled on alot of emotional strings for me. I commend your tremendous effort at public education and showcasing your movie to the world. However, I believe a dramatic social shift must come about in Asia which no longer identifies shark fins as a delicacy or healing medicinal ingredient. Boycotting restaurants in your city or town that serve fins is a start, but I would like to see a link with some guidance information on how the average public citizen can increase pressure on whatever political authority in order see changes come about!
- Dan