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While Asia is a large part of this issue, they are not the sole offenders. Today on Facebook, a girl from the UK stated that there are restaurants there with shark fin soup on its menu. Regardless of location, one way to get results is to get as many people as you can to pretend to be interested in eating at these places, then storming out in response to this item on the menu. It is important to make it clear that that is the reason you are leaving! More people doing this will equal more swift results!
- Shark Hunter H8R

I am feeling more than touched watching this marvelous piece of art - taken a deep, deep breath... I am longing to meet my friends then soon again... deep down, where life is worth living. Thank you ROB for what you have brought to ALL of us.

back home in the Comores Islands,the Chineese and Japaneese are feeding our ministers with 4X4 Toyota and we all know why ,but today by watching this film you open my eyes man , and how or whene but somethin will be done soon or latter Nazir FRANCE
- najah74

This film is a real eye-opener in what goes on behind environmental law, that is, legislation and enforcement can be two different things. Thank you for making this movie! The photography is beautiful and so, of course, are the sharks!
- Julie, U.S.A.

I was really touched by the movie. Thank you so much for making me aware of what\ s going on...I had no idea about this issue. I recommand this movie to everyone! Please spread the word. Once again a huge thank you and congratulations on filming such a wonderful movie. Robin S.
- Robin Smith

I loved sharkwater -- beautifully shot and exciting to watch. Nice one Rob
- Lulabama

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT MOVIE! Looking forward to see it in the german cinemas soon!
- Patricia, Germany

To Rod and the Entire team… well done! It took courage and you are making a difference! This is one of the - real issues - we as a global society need to deal with; otherwise the issue is going to deal with us. And if we sit on the sidelines and wait for the issue to deal with us, it will be to late. The time is now, not tomorrow. Keep it up! It’s Time Solutions
- It\ s Time

This is an outrage! If dolphins were finned in this manner, there would be a public outcry! It is all because of image and reputation that nobody has defended the sharks until now - and this reputation is largely incorrect. There should be Greenpeace movement or something of the sort in this case! Although Britain is a contributor, Asia is certainly the primary offender. I hope that the next asteroid headed to Earth hits China head on! I will recant this statement if they change their ways; until then, the sentiment stands!
- Anonymous

Rob - No amount of praise would do you or your project proper justice. You are truly a Godsend in every sense of the word - just what we and the sharks truly needed! Had you not put forth the effort, bravery, and unavoidable risks in making this documentary, it\ s possible that nobody would have; and the atrocity would continue to be ignored or swept under the rug. You have implemented the benchmark for true change. THANK GOD FOR YOU & GOD BLESS YOU!
- William - United States