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I loved this movie so much. wanting to be a marie biologist i love learning about the ocean and what is going on in it. When i was watching this in theatres i was crying, it was the saddest thing i have ever seen.
- Brianna

The film left me nostalgic, yet determined. What a gift. The ocean and its beautiful inhabitants.
- Jodi. Sydney, Australia

this is good to open asians awareness of the sharktrade and crush the misconception of \"potent\" food, it\ s our children\ s future we should be caring about
- gin who\ s chinese

Awesome documentary with a strong message that was brought across.It\ s a shame to see these magnificent creatures to be diminished because of one disgusting reason-shark finning.Rob\ s The Man!Sea Shepherd\ s crew are heroes!Totally respect their efforts and as a diver,I will work on influencing more people to stop consuming shark fin!
- Jenelle

Thanks to Rob and the entire crew for your dedication and passion! This has been a real eye opener for me. Being a diver, I thought I knew more about the status of our oceans. Needless to say, I was wrong. Lets remember not to point fingers and blame others, We need to start with ourselves. Change starts here, with me....and you.
- Kenny

this makes me so mad!!! Why would anyone do that to the poor little guys!! its just not fair!! It makes me so mad! I wish i could do something to help them out!
- Chey

all very good points, but shall we prioritize protecting whales and protest whaling for sashimi first??
- non-sharkfin-eater

I\ m so glad someone actually cares and decided to do something about our ingnorance. You are seriously heroes.Rob, thanks for visiting my school!
- Jennifer

excelllent well done!! The story needs telling in the right way to get the results needed.. Finning should be banned.
- julian grech

I absolutely love sharks. I watched the trailer for this movie and was utterly amazed and disgusted by images, I couldnt believe my eyes. I can\ t believe some people can be ignorant in believing that sharks are deadly killers and should be killed for for our greed and pleasure. They should be respected for the beautiful creatures that they are.
- Kim and Brendan, RI