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Sharkwater is the first movie I have ever seen to change my perspective on the world so dramatically. Even better was my chance to meet Rob in person (I learned a lot!). Sharkwater was the best movie I have ever seen! Keep up the conservation!
- Bee

you guys are my heros!!! i never knew sharks were in such danger!!!!!! and now i am trying to help sharks too.
- katie

This movie was amazing, it gave the world something to really think about. I would love to know if your going to sell this movie on dvd, it is a must have!Inspirational!
- Harrison

Im doing a project on shark fining and this is a really helpful site. I was thinking of what to do and it came to me. I agree this is really bad and needs to stop because if it doesn\ t then fish in the ocean will multiply out of control. The sharks in my opinion are there to maintain the balance of fish in the ocean so without them the aquatic undersea ecosystem may go haywire! Keep up the good work.
- scott

hey i found shark cartilage being sold at the mall and im gonna write a letter to them and tell them to stop this was all becuase i watched the movie it has huge impact on people
- matt

dear rob i really want to do something about shark fishing but i dont what. i really love sharks and you could call me a shark nerd and ever since i watched the movie ive realized the impact.the movie was great it inspired me to try to follow in your footsteps. but that will be a long time from now
- matt

dear rob I\ ve loved sharks for seven yrs. And I wanted to open my family eyes on sharks . And my mother really got into It. It was a magnificiant movie.It really opened my family\ s eyes.
- Sannah Sheikh

Is there any news on when the movie will be able to be downloaded or bought? Im dying to see it!!!
- Casey

Totally amazing! Nothing more nothing less.
- Michael (from Ontario)

hey everybody! Im a Tica girl and was so embarrassing to see my country in the movie, doing something wrong. yes, since we have the deal with Taiwan the sharks are suffering, now we dont have the deal with them but somehow, they´re still suffering...whats happening???? about the costa rican people, we know anything about laws and our presindent says is not his fault, he says that was in another government but we are waiting for someone who want to save our sharks and Rob Stewart is that man!!! please, do something! we cant do it alone!
- Eugenia - Costa Rica