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let those people who hunt sharke be cursed to life long misary
- jo blow

This film should be made compulsary viewing in schools. Children are our future, and if we do not educate them, then it\ ll be a future without sharks. Sure the images are disturbing and gruesome, but that is the nature of shark finning, and people\ s eyes need opening to what is happening. Possibly one of the most disturning things was the emptimess of the cinema at the viewing I attended. Only ten people made up the whole audience, and six of those were myself and my friends. Compelling viewing.
- Sarah

Please make this movie more available (theater or DVD). I have not been able to see it and would greatly like to...
- Kristi, Kansas City MO

this is the most powerful movie i have ever seen! rob you are exactly what these sharks need. A hero!
- chiara

I haven\ t seen the movie but I would love to see it! I live in Hong Kong and shark fin soup is so popular here... Some restaurants banned it but there are many more who still serve the dish...It\ s really sad and I do hope this will change soon!
- Andreea

A group of us went to see this film last night and we all came out speechless. It is the most amazing film I have ever seen, i have never been so affected by a film, nor has a film ever compelled me to get out there and do something to help like this film did. I am in total awe of what Rob has achieved with Sharkwater, and I can\ t wait to start helping in any way I can to save these beautiful creatures. The film left us all feeling inspired, overwhelmed, desperately sad, but hopeful that this is the beginning of an amazing crusade to save the sharks.
- Katie Carlin

I went to see the film today in London, it\ s unbelievable. People need to know what\ s happening.
- Tom

I saw the film last night and was very moved by it. There were so many valid and strong points made; I haven\ t found myself feeling so angry and sad for some time. What also saddened me was the emptiness of the cinema (a poignant reminder about the lack of support sharks receive). I hope this changes soon.
- Sarah

Finaly people who actually realize what is happening to sharks
- Bob

Finally we received the film in the UK. I have been waiting impatiently for weeks. Thank you so much for raising awareness of this cruelty and evil. Will it be showing in China?
- Victoria