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Very Nice! Thanks!
- Rick

growing up in del mar calif my whole life has made me the biggest ocean lover around, sharks being my favorite. I was so happy to bring my friends and family to this movie to share the love! i will make it m goal to get everyone to see it and increase awareness of shark finning.
- jessika Darnall

Where can I rent the movie Sharkwater because I don\ t found it anywhere . . . I live in Quebec city, in Canada. Please answer me because I really want to see it. Thank you
- Marilou

We went to see this on a whim in Anchorage, Alaska on Feb 16th and were amazed. My wife and I have ALWAYS been supporters of the seas and the ocean life they hold. We have always known sharks were being destroyed needlessly but had no idea it was this bad. We have already suggested to our friends they see this movie. It was a real eye opener when my wife and I thought our eyes were already open...Excellent work.
- Chris

I\ m so pissed I found out about this movie on the last day it was showing near me in November and it was two and a half hours away! I\ ve been a shark freak for a year and a half and this film comming out has inspired me further to do something about sharks.
- Pat

I was lucky enough to attend the premiere in London on Tuesday last. It opened to some truly shocking practices and exploded many a myth about sharks. Congratulations to you Rob and to all your colleagues. I would urge EVERYONE to go and see this movie and I will certainly be encouraging all of my friends to do so.
- Steve

This was the most beautifully shot piece of cinematography I\ ve ever had the fortune to watch. Even so, this beauty was nothing compared to the utterly tragic and desperately moving discoveries the film documented. Rob Stewart cannot be thanked and praised enough for this film and it marks the beginning of something crucial. This must be stopped and this film is what\ s needed to educate and amaze people. I cannot wait to watch it again and encourage everyone I know to watch it. It literally changes you.
- Leonora, UK

I love Sharkwater. I probably saw this movie four or five times while it was in theatre. I\ ve always loved sharks and this movie inspired me to go and learn to scubadive. I hope it comes out on DVD. That would be amazing.
- Onyx

It all starts with awareness! Rob, you are living out your God given purpose! Anyone reading this, what is inside of you? It takes heart and action to make things change. While watching the movie, I knew that I could not leave the theater and not take part in this crusade. The movie was powerful as it portrayed real life events, things that really matter. I am fomatting a letter for the Secretary General of the United Nations. Thanks for the information on where to start!
- Amy from Tulsa, OK

I saw Shark Water for the first time at the Ft Lauderdale Film Festival. I was completely moved by it. I was fortunate enough to have seen it a 2nd time at the IGFA Hall of Fame in Dania Beach, FL. I cried both times I saw it. It makes me so happy that there are people in the world like Rob and Paul from the Sea Shepherd. We need more of these kinds of heros...
- Jamie An Asian American