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i think that the movie is a really good thing to watch because most people think that sharks are killers and they are bad anamals ( fish ) and i was really scared of them till i saw shark water. i would love to swim with a shark some day.
- summer

I just watched the movie.. I have to say it starts slowly and suddenly transforms into a enviromental thriller. I never really fell any fear about sharks but now i love them. I really understanded a lot of things. The movie really moved me and i will do anything to protect sharks!
- Fotis

i just watched the moving documentary "Sharkwater." At times, my eyes were about to go misty... i ll never forget the images of the sinking finned shark... i ll never forget the quote from the film: "Now we are the top predators." Thank you.
- Farshad Roshanai

Wow! watched this movie in class, it really moved me!! The misconception of sharks caused by the media has to be changed so that people can save the sharks!!!
- Sarah

Thanks. The movie is excellent! I will try to find what I can do and do it to save sharks.
- 曲璇

I loved it! Everbody should see this movie and try to make a difference. It s awful how animals can eb treated this way :(
- Savannah

Great thinking! That really braeks the mold!
- Keydrick

It really astonished me.I think we must do something to protect not only sharks,but also our environment.
- Vera

I saw this movie.. fell in love, HUGE activist now for sharks.. Ive must have seen the movie a thousand times now
- Megan Nicole

These sharks are amazing this website should go viral lets let these beauties free they dont to hurt us I m what you call a shark hugger(not litteraly thats ilegal)
- Bryant shatner