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I picked this up and watched it as I have been wanting to for some time. I believe everyone, whether you like sharks and aquatic life or not, should see this and realize what is happening in all of our oceans. This documentary is an A+ film and Rob Stewart really hit the nail on the head with the issue at hand. Pick this up. You will not regret it. You will only regret you didn t take action sooner!
- Cliff

Nice movie, i bought it yesterday at a sea shepherd stand in Berlin. I love the citation from Paul Watson : "We are just a bunch of primates out of control" it`s so true... Good job by making this movie!!
- Toni

I watched the the movie in class today it was really disturbing and made me cry seeing those delicate creatures gatteing miss treated I would like to get in contact with the person that filmed this tortures stuff and donate my time in effort to helping the creatures. I am a surfermy self and I have seen a wobygong up close and swimming gently though the water although I am just a student being just a stundent can still help. I love the SEA SHEAPERED and its crew and I hop[e after being a marine biolagist I can come and join the crew and help. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND THANKS FOR HELPING THE GORGEOUS CREATURE KNOWN AS THE SHARK.
- Stephanie

It really made me movd about sharks. I can t do anything to help our oceans yet but i loved the ocean since I was a little kid.- The ocean lover and future marine biologist!
- Kaitlyn

After watching this movie . The only thing I want to do is join you guys and start protecting sharks and the Earth.
- Shu Wang

Great movie. It helps us realize how sharks are important to us and have more uses than making soup and pills.
- Louis

This movie is very good and it really moved me.Although i am an student,i will try my best to do something.
- Fandy X

Hey, I loved this movie it really moved me and encouraged me to do more.I am not old enough to do the things you guys are doing but I will do what I can. You are doing a great job and I will be donating money towards this.I have told people how amazing diving with sharks is since I have done it and how amazing this movie is,keep up the good work.
- Leila

That s an incredible movie. Must be the best documentary i ve ever watched. We must do something to save sharks and the planet.
- Charlott E.

Hey, I loved the film, its just what we needed. The work Rob and Sea Shapherd do is amazing. However, I do not know if something is already in place and I just dont know, but I would like updates as to the progress Rob and Sea Shepherd is going. If there is something is in place, I feel left out. Keep up the good work, Your local shark lover, Tom.
- Tom