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Great thinking! That really braeks the mold!
- Keydrick

It really astonished me.I think we must do something to protect not only sharks,but also our environment.
- Vera

I saw this movie.. fell in love, HUGE activist now for sharks.. Ive must have seen the movie a thousand times now
- Megan Nicole

These sharks are amazing this website should go viral lets let these beauties free they dont to hurt us I m what you call a shark hugger(not litteraly thats ilegal)
- Bryant shatner

Love your movie!!
- Aileen Wang

I really enjoyed this m ovie!
- Brandon

This was amazing,this has inspired me to make a difference ecspecially when it comes to sharks.
- Michael Rochford

This documentary is one to see, it exposes the truth behind Sharks and what is happening to them. I live in Hong Kong, and vow to try and stop people from consuming shark fin soup.
- Nicole Dainton

Really really thanks for your work
- Matteo

Brilliant they way you film it Rob and crew is amazing and it makes you realise how frigile it all is. In schools in UK they only just touch on it in the science lessons. Keep up the brilliant work.
- Lisa Holden