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I´m a costarrican, I know how this cruel reality is happening here in my dear country, I hope this documentary help to make consience about this, so world change of mind and become to be a nature protector civilization.
- Jorge

Currently getting my Diving Certification because I want to witness the oceans beauty. Saw this movie a few days ago and its very disturbing how Sharks and other animals are hunted and wasted. Great film Rob!
- Michael in So Cal.

Made me go rent the JAWS series again... sooooo?
- Fred Banting

Still waiting patiently in Houston, TX. Please bring Sharkwater to our town.
- Sandy

I\ m a Costarrican, saw the movie and i agree that we all should see it. Mostly our government people. I will like to congratulate MARVIVA for their excelent job in ISLA COCO and all the effort to protect our marine biodiversity.
- Rocio

I saw last night, was great... images of the ocean beautiful spectacular places to dive. All the people in CR must to see the documentary to know the true.
- JJ

best movie i ever saw man i never new anything about this stuff--changed my life
- matt salek

I\ m going to see the movie at night (17-11-07) I hope that this movie show me that I want to see and help all the sea life not only the sharks, here in Costa Rica all the sea life need all our support. JJ.
- JJ

These guys have the right idea! I live in a town called Tiburon which is shark in spanish and almost no one listens to me about this. Still haven\ t seen it but I\ m definately going to.
- Pat

I haven´t seen the movie. Today (Nov.16th)is the premiere in my country, Costa Rica. I´m looking forward to seeing it!! I just wanted to let you know that there´s a campaign going on now in Costa Rica to save sharks from these atrocious acts. Malpaís, a Costa Rican musical group, has released a song about the topic, too. It is quite touching. Thank you for the awareness the film has brought to us all.
- Laura