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I can\ t wait to get this in my area. I e-mailed my local theater chain here in G.R., Michigan, and they are working on getting a print.
- Brenda

please show this in boise idaho. please put it for sell on your website!
- Jake

Cant wait till this movie gets to Cincinnati.
- Aj

Hi my name is Mandy, I\ m looking to find a threatre in Tampa, Florida that\ s showing this movie but I\ m not having any luck. Hopefully I can find one so I can join the many other people who are teaming together to save these magnificent creatures that I personally am terrified of. Have a nice afternoon. Mandy =)
- Mandy

Please screen this in Cleveland,Ohio. I can\ t wait to see the film.
- Jason

Rob, You and your staff, production crew are our heroes here in Miami, Fl at St. Timothy School. 420+ attended the film on opening day. Along with enjoying the beautiful cinematography, your exciting story and mission,our eyes were opened to the plight of sharks and our world. We will pass this message on to whoever we can. Keep up the great work!
- Linda Navarro

hey rob, this is lainie and summer again, we heard that you were going to schools and giving presentations and we really want you to come to our school and talk to everyone because everyone thinks that sharks are maneaters and we try to convice them that they\ re wrong but they dont listen to us. so we need you to come to our school and change their minds. by the way we still think you\ re the most rad person to have ever walked this earth and you\ re our idol and we want to be exactly like you.
- lainie & summer :]]

When i saw this movie, all i could say was \"unbelievable\" and all i could think was of how we, the dominating creature of this planet, can be so stupid the majority of the time. People just don`t get it, not only are we destroying an amazing animal, but we are destroying the oceans as we speak. Sharkwater was a very, very moving film. go see it, and take your friends with you!
- sarah

I went and saw this documentary and it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I reccomended it to all my friends and i also recomend it to anyone reading this that has not already gone and seen it
- brandon

Ignorance is bliss. I had no idea that this was going on. The extent of this makes me sick to my stomach. I hope this helps slow or end this typical human waste. Fishing beacuse you need to feed your family is fine but the waste that goes on with shark finning is discusting.
- Rob