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Is there any news on when the movie will be able to be downloaded or bought? Im dying to see it!!!
- Casey

Totally amazing! Nothing more nothing less.
- Michael (from Ontario)

hey everybody! Im a Tica girl and was so embarrassing to see my country in the movie, doing something wrong. yes, since we have the deal with Taiwan the sharks are suffering, now we dont have the deal with them but somehow, they´re still suffering...whats happening???? about the costa rican people, we know anything about laws and our presindent says is not his fault, he says that was in another government but we are waiting for someone who want to save our sharks and Rob Stewart is that man!!! please, do something! we cant do it alone!
- Eugenia - Costa Rica

This movie defintely changed my opinion on sharks. Very intersting and eye opening. Great Work!
- vicky

rob, your my hero!
- lainie

me and summer have always been shark lovers, but we couldnt take much action. this year, we have been telling literally EVERYONE the truth about sharks and to go and see sharkwater. many people are sckeptist, (i think i spelled that right.) and its hard to convince them that sharks arent dangerous but we\ ve been trying everyday :]]
- lainie and summer

the movie still hasnt come to the local florida theaters yet but ive explored every inch of this website hundreds of times, just watching the trailer impacted my life, i cant imagine what the movie will do :]]
- lainie

is there any way to download or by the dvd of this movie. because i dont live in toronto and i really want to see this movie!
- Allison

Just two weeks ago we dived in Galapagos,and last year we dived in Coco´s Island and we found amazing amounts of sharks ,fortunately. But we have to protect sharks at any cost, no matter what. I was very upset that your film was showed only for one week in Boston´s theaters on Nov 02 , I missed it! I am residing in Mexico City and strongly encourage you to show the film in MEXICO . I bought your book Sharkwater at Barnes & Noble, it is very good! Is there any way to buy the DVD? I would like to show it at our private schools in Mexico . CONGRATULATIONS
- Gert Veerkamp MEXICO

inspiring! how can pepole do this? im only a kid but i know more then most adults do about wildlife! ut this i cant understand! why is this happening? what are you doing to stop this?
- mosspelt