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Is there any way to buy a DVD of this movie/documentary? I really hope so, I would definitely buy. I need to see this.
- Steven Small

This looks amazing please let me know as soon as you are screening in the LA area. I don\ t want to miss this.
- Alex Armstrong

The most moving film you will ever see in your whole life.
- Lily

Wow, this really seems to be a great documentary! Also from the point of getting a better understanding of sharks and the need of protecting them, it\ l be important to broadcast. Munich (DE) is waiting on that Dominic
- Dominic

That story looks to be nice and I hope that people will understand shark and will participate to protect them ! I am very exiting to see the movie in France sooner. I am going to write an article on my french scubadiving web site sooner ( If you want to send me a special text about SharkWater for my portal, I will publish it with pleasure. Best regards (and sorry for my bas english !...). Jérôme Webmaster
- jerome

Creo que ésta película puede llegar a concientizar a la humanidad en el sentido vivir-morir.... Eso es lo mejor que podemos hacer, pensar en el futuro y darnos cuenta que si no actuamos rápido nos afectamos TODOS..... Thanks Rob, for this movie.
- Herson

I\ d really like to see this documentary! Hopefully it gets to the US theaters and shelves soon!
- Susan

love the movie. i work in Costa Rica and the influence of money here makes the US Congress members look like saints compared to government officials here. the working class here is appauled by their government and hopes the embarrassment results in and end to this. hope springs eternal.
- ML

Shark lover in Austin, TX anxiously awaits award winning documentary. To be continued...
- Steph

Any scheduled showings in Seattle yet? There are a bunch of shark lovers up here that really want to see this!
- Randy Pedersen