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Un très beau film qui donne envie de plonger et d\ être plus vigilants à notre propre place (êtres humains) dans l\ écosystème terrestre. Pourvu que les consciences s\ éveillent devant tant d\ injustice et de cruauté motivées par l\ argent.

waiting impatiently in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Quickly bring it here I love documentaries.
- souheil mechlawi

J\ ai beaucoup aimé votre film; et j\ espere vraiment que tout le monde aura une image autre des REQUIN, car cela serais terrible s\ il venais à disparaitre de la TERRE.
- Aurélien DIENIS

I´m a costarrican, I know how this cruel reality is happening here in my dear country, I hope this documentary help to make consience about this, so world change of mind and become to be a nature protector civilization.
- Jorge

Currently getting my Diving Certification because I want to witness the oceans beauty. Saw this movie a few days ago and its very disturbing how Sharks and other animals are hunted and wasted. Great film Rob!
- Michael in So Cal.

Made me go rent the JAWS series again... sooooo?
- Fred Banting

Still waiting patiently in Houston, TX. Please bring Sharkwater to our town.
- Sandy

I\ m a Costarrican, saw the movie and i agree that we all should see it. Mostly our government people. I will like to congratulate MARVIVA for their excelent job in ISLA COCO and all the effort to protect our marine biodiversity.
- Rocio

I saw last night, was great... images of the ocean beautiful spectacular places to dive. All the people in CR must to see the documentary to know the true.
- JJ

best movie i ever saw man i never new anything about this stuff--changed my life
- matt salek