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Absolutely incredible! Great job Rob! Its an informative, exciting, suspenseful, gut wrenching, visual masterpiece.
- Steve

Rob, Thank you for risking your life to produce this masterpiece. I hope that your film ends up in every theatre around the world. People need to wake up!
- Chris

SHARK WTER IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- gioshark

I love sharks but I hate what people do to them so I love this movie because it shows that sharks are not bad but the people are and it shows what people do to sharks so thanks. I love the movie. And another thing, Rob, are you still restricted from being in Costa Rica?
- Adam Velazquez

Shocking, wonderful, emotional, must-see. Thank you so much for making this film and for all you do.
- Lynn

Rob, i\ m well aware of the importance sharks play in our planets (not just the oceans) ecosystem, and I hope that everyone else will too after seeing this film. I am currently a student of Marine Biology; my greatest fear is that I and generations after me won\ t have the opportunity to understand and marvel at these wonderful and necessary creatures. IT IS OUR DUTY to protect and conserve and I hope that your film will educate many, which is exactly what we need. God Bless
- William

This is a well thought venture which caters to every aspect of shark\ s life. God Bless....
- Saumi

...just want to say thank you ROB !!! Hope this film change the image people got about the sharks !! Thank you very much...
- Shima from Brazil

Will go to screening once it comes to the east coast. Humans are greedy pigs, and need to realize that with your greed will eventually come repurcussions. Life isn\ t about just taking, its also about giving. Humans need to realize this. Once again, the money and greed get in the way. We need more movies like this. Awesome job, keep it going and email this to all your friends.
- Marty

Amazing, touching movie. Watch it, and do your part to save the sharks and the environment.
- Ole