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When i saw this movie, all i could say was \"unbelievable\" and all i could think was of how we, the dominating creature of this planet, can be so stupid the majority of the time. People just don`t get it, not only are we destroying an amazing animal, but we are destroying the oceans as we speak. Sharkwater was a very, very moving film. go see it, and take your friends with you!
- sarah

I went and saw this documentary and it was one of the best movies I have ever seen. I reccomended it to all my friends and i also recomend it to anyone reading this that has not already gone and seen it
- brandon

Ignorance is bliss. I had no idea that this was going on. The extent of this makes me sick to my stomach. I hope this helps slow or end this typical human waste. Fishing beacuse you need to feed your family is fine but the waste that goes on with shark finning is discusting.
- Rob

what a beautiful sad film, i cried what are we doing to this beautiful planet, everyone should have to see this film it applies to so many things, one of course being the beautiful shark it also shows how a few people can make a difference wonderful job to all involved on this film, congrats does anyone know how and when \"people\" became so afraid of sharks it started way before jaws
- cindy

This documentary is something everyone should see. Maybe then some will realize what we are doing and join the fight to stop it!
- Vicki

Sharkwater is to shark finning what the Inconvenient Truth is to global warming. Highly recommend this show to anyone both for the awareness it brings as well as the outstanding cinematography. Go see Sharkwater, then read about how Yahoo! has invested $1 billion in Alibaba, one of the leading peddlers of shark fins in the world. Read more about it at Then let Yahoo! know what you think.
- John

I am just blown away! I have been fascinated with sharks for so many years. It is a family affair in my house. My son is an avid shark lover. I am so thrilled that someone is finally bringing this to light! Everyone should see this movie!!! Together we can make a difference!
- Jill Meese

Hey, I live in Sweden, how should I do to see this movie?
- Corinne

An amzaing catch. Sharkwater allows us to see and literally feel the devastation that is occuring to some of our most majestic and complex creatures.
- Charles Glover,

Well I mightbeyoung but I know for sure when I grow up what i want to do and that is be a marine bioligist I havent seen the video but the trailer almost had me in tears
- Maura