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Saw the film with my husband this past weekend. I cannot stop thinking about it and the plight of those beautiful, misunderstood animals. Furious at those who inflict suffering and cruelty for the sake of profit. Grateful that Rob has given us some insight into this problem and hopeful that now more will be done to save the sharks.
- Jennifer

amazing. changed my life and view on sharks forever,

Wow! I was speechless after watching this movie. I read and hear about what we are doing to the sharks, but the movie really brings the impact home. Thank you Rob Stewart!
- Regina

A friend and I saw Sharkwater in late September. We were so inspired by the film that we started a club at our school to Save Our Sharks. We hope to spread awareness and eventually show the film to our peers as well as our club members. Rob did an absolutely amazing job on the film. Now it\ s our turn to do something as well. :)
- Christina N.

Before this movie I was totally oblivious on what really happens to sharks, I had always been told that sharks are very dangerous and that they will attack us if we are in the water. But now after seeing this movie “Sharkwater” I have found a huge respect for sharks. This movie has change the whole way to I think of sharks although I wouldn’t want to swim with them I can see that they have only been misunderstood by many of us . Thank you so much for this fantastic film.
- Jim P.

I saw this movie 2 days ago with my sister and 6 year old daughter. My daughter is very afraid of sharks but now she is saying she wants to be an underwater photographer and help save the sharks. My sister is not a fan of sharks but really like the movie. It is too bad they did not sink that ship that would have been a good ending.. I wish everyone would speak out not only for sharks but all the other sea animals that get hurt in the process. I loved the movie I have been waiting to see it for months!!
- Preeta

I have always had an admiration for these awesome predators, and I believe that this movie has come out at the right time. I hope that people around the world can gain some sense of awareness at the importance of protecting the shark population. Thank you Rob!
- V

My friend Lainie left a comment earlier, and i just want to say that i am so happy that the movie is out, and I really hope it opens peoples eyes. When I tell people I want to be in the water with sharks, they make a stupid joke about how they are going to eat me, but its really the threat of people eating them that im worried about.
- Summer

this movie is an amaizing picture, it really changed my life, i think that it is wrong to fish for ANYTHING and that sharks are really important
- morgan

WOW! This was the most amazing film that I\ ve ever seen, and I hope that the whole world gets to see it. I did not expect to shed as many tears as I did, but the fisherman might as well have been slaughering puppies, it was so cruel! This film has motivated me to take action & write letters & do waht I can to save sharks, and I\ m sure it is making a huge impact around the world! Rob, thank you so much for making this film and opening our eyes!
- Nicole R.