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Excelente película, excelente tema... quedé sorprendida de la sensibilidad de Rob para abordar este tema, me conmovio ver el filme. Soy colombiana, trabajo para la Fundación Malpelo/MArViva en Colombia y fue maravilloso saber de Sharkwater, felicitaciones!
- Lorena

Thank you for making such an amazing movie!! I wish this movie was made years ago!
- Nicole

I saw this movie and was deeply touched to the point of becoming a vegitarian, I thank Rob and Paul for opening my eyes more wide to the things that we do to this beautiful world of ours. Please countiue and I pray for our victory.
- cody

I LOVE SHARKS. And this movie. \ Nuff said.
- Jillian Compton

this movie touched my soul, Rob and Paul are the most passionate and inspirational human beings, I want to follow their example
- Lina Botero

A truly amazing story! Certainly one of the best movie I have seen. Sharks are amazing creatures and if you are not convinced of this or if you are scared about them, watch this moovie!!
- Cecile

This film is amazing, insperational,it opens peoples mind to see the reality and misconception of the shark. A must see film!!
- Oscar

The best part about the film was the reaction of the audiance to the call to action. There were teens, seniors, young and middle aged adults in that theater, I personal was prompted to action, but what was even better was the 8 year old in that was down front who was completed distraugt over what is happening. Although my generation can start the tide of change, his generation can see it through. Our only hope is that this glimpse of the truth can make even the smallest impact.
- lenoralsg

I can\ t stop thinking about this movie. All I have done since I left the theatre yesterday is try to plan when I can get back to watch it. The only problem is, there is only ONE theatre that is playing it locally. And, I don\ t live in a small town either! WTF movie industry!?
- Brian Rosa

Excellent, moving, thought provoking. It drives home, we must Save Our Planet. Thank-you for the dedication, you and your crew possess.
- Martha