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I recently watched the movie and I was moved and touched and inspired , now I have a better reason to respect these wanderful creatures of the ocean. I live in Mexico in a bodertown where I see a lot ignorent people consuming these so called shark fin capsules, any other creature and living being can develope certain illneses and there is no abosolute cure from killing another living being such as sharks. Rob I want to thank you for this film it has trully opened my eyes. the respect for life, y que suspendan el aleto de tiburon a nivel mundial.
- juan magallon

oh my gosh! this is the BEST movie i\ ve ever seen :EVER. i love your passion to save the sharks and underwater ecosystem and me and my friend summer hope to be just like you asap! your so awesome!!!! thanks for making the movie :]]
- lainie and summer

This movie is all about the truth that wasn\ t revealed to many of us - I\ m glad to see this movie and also sad to know it. I saw jars of dried shark fins in a store one day. The ones who supply, sell, buy and consume it, with false sense of belief. For survival and greed to corruption. We have a long way to change this vicious cycle.
- Hideko

Absolutely incredible! Great job Rob! Its an informative, exciting, suspenseful, gut wrenching, visual masterpiece.
- Steve

Rob, Thank you for risking your life to produce this masterpiece. I hope that your film ends up in every theatre around the world. People need to wake up!
- Chris

SHARK WTER IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- gioshark

I love sharks but I hate what people do to them so I love this movie because it shows that sharks are not bad but the people are and it shows what people do to sharks so thanks. I love the movie. And another thing, Rob, are you still restricted from being in Costa Rica?
- Adam Velazquez

Shocking, wonderful, emotional, must-see. Thank you so much for making this film and for all you do.
- Lynn

Rob, i\ m well aware of the importance sharks play in our planets (not just the oceans) ecosystem, and I hope that everyone else will too after seeing this film. I am currently a student of Marine Biology; my greatest fear is that I and generations after me won\ t have the opportunity to understand and marvel at these wonderful and necessary creatures. IT IS OUR DUTY to protect and conserve and I hope that your film will educate many, which is exactly what we need. God Bless
- William

This is a well thought venture which caters to every aspect of shark\ s life. God Bless....
- Saumi