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...just want to say thank you ROB !!! Hope this film change the image people got about the sharks !! Thank you very much...
- Shima from Brazil

Will go to screening once it comes to the east coast. Humans are greedy pigs, and need to realize that with your greed will eventually come repurcussions. Life isn\ t about just taking, its also about giving. Humans need to realize this. Once again, the money and greed get in the way. We need more movies like this. Awesome job, keep it going and email this to all your friends.
- Marty

Amazing, touching movie. Watch it, and do your part to save the sharks and the environment.
- Ole

Highly recommend this show to anyone both for the awareness it brings as well as the outstanding cinematography. Go see Sharkwater, then read about how Yahoo! has invested $1 billion in Alibaba, one of the leading peddlers of shark fins in the world. Read more about it at and Then let Yahoo! know what you think.

I loved this movie, but it was very sad. Based on the comments before me, a lot of people are unaware of the hideous practice of finning. if you liked thismovi and what they are doing to help the sharkeys, you should check out \"Shark Mountain.\" My favorite part was when Rob talked about how once you have dived with sharks, you see that they are not man-eating devils, but creatures just like us and are beautiful, worthy of admiration, and can be extremely cute. Please write to the UN to get them to pass an international law against finning and put some $ into enforcing it. Ask you congressperson to write, too.
- Paige D

WOW! That is what I have to say about this film. THE most impacting and emotional film I have ever seen. I cannot believe I did not know what has been happening with the shark population. I urge everyone to go see this movie because this is really a problem that does not only afect sharks humans as well and in a very dramatic way.
- Giovanni Rocco

I saw the movie Oct 8 and I have not been able to get this movie out of my mind since. I lay in bed at night thinking about the slaughtering that is going on and what I can do to help stop it!!
- Adrienne

Sharks are my most fave animal in the entire world. even though I did not read the book, I have a feeling that when people see this movie they will think twice about thinking that sharks are blood thirsty killers. I would do anything to save my Fave animal the shark.
- Jez

I've got the book and I'm waiting for Sharkwater to hit the Dutch theatres. I'll brng my whole family to watch it!

I saw this movie and wanted to sit there and watch it again. I support your beautiful energy to save our sharks. Thank you Rob Stewart.
- Judy