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Absolutely amazing...Save our sharks!
- Veronica

I have had the unique priviledge of diving with the hammerheads in the Galapogos and sharks in the Carribean. They are really magnificent animals. It makes me sad that anyone could do shark finning for a bowl of soup. Who is the real killer, I don\ t think it is the shark. Thanks for making this film.
- Terri

Went to watch the movie in Ft Lauderdale with my girlfriend and I left the theater with a huge respect for sharks. They are such incredible creatures it was sickening to see what really goes on in the illegal fin trading industries. Even more depressing is the fact that the governments are turning their backs to it. What a disgrace! I\ m sure this movie will bring changes to the awful destiny of so many of the sharks around the world. Great work mate!
- Damien Ward

Excellent film! I hope that is recognized on the governmental level both here in the US and by other countries of the world. It is a travesty what is happening to the shark populations around the world. Thank you Rob for such an amazing message.
- Auvie

I have always loved the water, and the creatures in it. Your movie deff. pushed me over the edge to become a marine biologist and try and help solve these problems.
- Shannon

i love this movie!
- monica

This awsome movie was very nice and made me think about sharks and how i can help them to. I\ ve seen a nurse shark and they are so beutiful and I want my kids to enjoy sharks as much as I do when they grow up. I think this was one of my favorite movies and it inspires a lot of people, including myself, to save the sharks,the ocean, and our planet. If I could judge the movie then I\ d give it 5 stars. I really think its the BEST MOVIE EVER!!
- Joshua Herbert

Rob, I wanted to thank you for such an incredible movie. It shows not only your passion for sharks - but how one person still can make a difference. I\ m going to take as many people as I can to see SharkWater. Thanks, George
- George

Excellent documentary stressing the need to begin the conservation effort for sharks. Should be a must for school children over the age of 10.
- Rafael

the movie was amazing and evry one should go see it. i never new alot of the stuff until i saw that movie
- jaws