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Disturbing film but a very important one. We have to stop the killing! This is like killing elephants for their ivory, except that in this case, humans are attacking one of the most important animals in the Earth s ecosystem. Human stupidity and greed at its best... This film is a must see. For anyone and everyone.
- Denis

I loved the movie. It showed the reality behind the fear.
- Sarah

Amazing! Thank you Rob for making this film, and everyone else involved. Keep helping the sharks, we re behind you!
- Janai

I really liked this movie. It was great. i love sharks
- Kirsty

SHARKWATER changed my life. It is also the best movie I have ever watched. Because of SHARKWATER I know have two Shark groups on Facebook, Stop Killing Our Sharks, and Shark Activists of Tomorrow. Thank you Rob Stewart for showing me the truth.
- Becca Propps

In my opinion "Sharkwater" was an out of the blue eye-opener, and one of the most influential documentaries I have seen. This is a great film to help change the worlds mistaken perception on these incredible the sharks!
- Alexis Sabatino

Thanks to Mr. Guerrero at Heald College Hayward who showed us the movie in our environment science class. its an eye opener! And Rob Stewart did a wonderful job. I hope more and more people aware the truth about shark and preserve it for the future of our planet.
- Riana

Waching that movie made me realize that we need to do something about it,It really oppend my eyes. Rob Stewart did a great job filming this movie,i hope he can open other people s eyes like he did with mine
- Courtney

Love the movie and wondering what kind of shark's tooth is Rob holding on the March 2007 cover of Tribute?

I thought this movie was really good. I have watch it soo many times i have lost count. I have showed this movie to friends and family and i really hope that this all stop. At first i did not like sharks and i still dont but i understant them more and i get why they are so important! I hope more people watch this and help!
- Jessica