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The best part about the film was the reaction of the audiance to the call to action. There were teens, seniors, young and middle aged adults in that theater, I personal was prompted to action, but what was even better was the 8 year old in that was down front who was completed distraugt over what is happening. Although my generation can start the tide of change, his generation can see it through. Our only hope is that this glimpse of the truth can make even the smallest impact.
- lenoralsg

I can\ t stop thinking about this movie. All I have done since I left the theatre yesterday is try to plan when I can get back to watch it. The only problem is, there is only ONE theatre that is playing it locally. And, I don\ t live in a small town either! WTF movie industry!?
- Brian Rosa

Excellent, moving, thought provoking. It drives home, we must Save Our Planet. Thank-you for the dedication, you and your crew possess.
- Martha

Amazing , Absolutely amazing .... never trust the media!!!!!!!!!!!
- Anita

dear sharkwater movie i love sharks please can you help, anyone please Name: frad german
- fred german

now tell me who is the real monster out and inside the ocean?you. please do something for this beautiful animal(sharks),good film
- david guarin

This was a fantastic film, one that was long overdue and one that everyone should see. Hopefully the plight of sharks will become painfully obvious to the general public and the international movement to protect sharks will gain momentum just like those to protect whales, seals, turtles and other marine animals have in the past. It is sad to think that after millions of years the things that bring down such a perfect predator are human ignorance and greed. Lend your voice in any way possible. Every little bit counts.
- Chris

the movie was amazing. It really inspired me to help save the sharks. All of my friends and I are all trying to help. Im so glad I saw sharkwater!
- Alex

i always thought that sharks were man eaters but now when i saw the movie it opened my eyes about sharks
- shrk lover

Sharks are frends not food, Stay in school, And help save the sharks SREAD THE WORD!!!!!
- kaitlyn