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Finally! Someone that stands up for sharks! Thank you so much for opening peoples\ eyes.
- Jessica

you came to my school and im going to wach sharkwater
- esmira

Saw the movie last week and can\ t get it out of my mind. What an INCREDIBLE piece of work. The best doc I\ ve ever seen. I\ ve never been so moved and just watching the trailer again on this site made me well up. Everyone on the planet should see this film. Its changed will change others...well get there! Keep up the fantastic work Rob :)
- Catherine

Just met Rob this morning. Awesome human being who made a movie about a great cause. I am stoked to see it.
- Michelle

Saw Rob here in St Petersburg,FL. Thanks Rob for the wake-up call. Just somehow won\ t feel the same about this magnificent species.
- Kristen

i thought it was amazing.i never ever thought i would be that emotional over a shark.this has definetley changed my point of view and has opened my future in saving our ocean.i am going to try and help this program.thankyou.
- brooke winner

I saw the movie here in Oldenburg/Germany and it was just incredible!Its so bad what happens to sharks and hardly any people notice!This movie really changed my point of view and Im really happy about it. Thank you so much!
- Marie-Kathrin Siemer

Rob is amazingly nice and it\ s incredible that he made this movie. I feel that the sharks should be protected more and people should take action like this!
- lauren

Rob came to my school and I was blown away at what is happening to sharks. He told us personally what he had to go through and how he never gave up for his love of sharks. I saw clips of the movie and i really was blown away. Keep up the great effore Rob and i cannot wait for you movie to come out.
- Geno Rubeis

Why the hell isn't a conservation effort (greenpeace, etc.)jumping in on this... one hudred million slugs are killed a year and I bet they'd freak!!! Keep up the good work, and count on me for what it's worth. Brayden Green
- Brayden