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Rob, I wanted to thank you for such an incredible movie. It shows not only your passion for sharks - but how one person still can make a difference. I\ m going to take as many people as I can to see SharkWater. Thanks, George
- George

Excellent documentary stressing the need to begin the conservation effort for sharks. Should be a must for school children over the age of 10.
- Rafael

the movie was amazing and evry one should go see it. i never new alot of the stuff until i saw that movie
- jaws

I\ ve been diving off Sarasota, Florida for 23 years and have never seen a shark yet? Fantasic film, I applaud you for making it and taking the risks you did. You have exposed the ignorance of our race. Why do we feel that making a dollar today is good even when its costs us everything tomorrow? We need to go to these poor countries and not just say \"stop\" but teach these people how to replace their incomes with auqaculture. Until we give them a way of replacing the money, they will not stop. I am willing to go do it with a little help, anyone interested?
- Michael Litz

What a magnificant and admirable journey; documented through the compasionate eyes of a young man\ s love of a species totally misunderstood by man. I applaud Rob Stewart & Paul Watson, and dearly hope this movie surfaces in the centre of mainstream society.
- Niki Roderick

That was amazing.I\ m so inspiered that I\ m going to make club to raise money for sea shepered.To stop fining and longlining
- Jake Gonzalez

This movie really opened my eyes to a lot of things I never knew where happening. Sharks are suh beautiful, wonderful creatures; and to think that we are endangering their exsistance is just brutal. I know this movie will be recieved well in the United States, because there are some things you cannot NOT see. It\ s not something we can turn a blind eye to.
- Bee

Congratulations on combining your passion with a cause that can change our planet. We viewed the film in Ft. Lauderdale and would sponsor showing it in other venues.
- Jerry Norman

Being a shark lover myself...I was thrilled there is finally a movie out there exposing the truth about sharks. And I hope that this touches people enough to make a difference in our world!
- Kristi

Great Film. We watched it at the AMC Theater in Hollywood, FL. I was horrified at the cruelty these animals endure. We are detroying every specie, we are destroying our planet. Rob Stewart did a great job with this movie/documentary. People everywhere are being moved and informed by Sharwater.
- Adriana