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I saw the movie last night in Ft Lauderdale. It was a great movie, I hope it does very well. I never knew any of this was going on at all. Keep on it and hopefully the right person in the right position to do something will see it.
- Frank

I watched the screening of the movie last night as a guest of The Florida Aquarium - Tampa, FL. Rob, you did an excellent job conveying the “eye opening” message and dispelling the myths about Sharks. It was a very moving and well documented movie which I highly recommend. Thanks again.!
- Tony

I had a chance to watch this movie today and i really loved it. Ive always had great compassion for animals so some of the scenes did make me cry but it really helped me open my eyes to the things that are going on in the world. Thanks for making such a great movie and hopefully it impacts everyone the way it did me. : )
- Natalie

i like sharks
- jethro

well done-focus on the message \"the more we kill the sharks the more we cut off the oxygen we need to breathe\" you need to hit us all with this message-\"the shark helps keeps producing 70% of the new oxygen the world breathes-without it then we start to choke off our own breath-simple equation-they die-we die.
- allen jeknavorian

My 5 year old daugther and I just saw the film in Tampa, FL. Walking out of the theater the first thing she says to me is \"that really touched my heart\". This movie was a eye opener and by sharing the information with as many people as we can hopefully we can make a difference! Thank yoy Rob for sharing your journey with us.
- Valerie

Thank you so much for helping sharks. You can really change things.
- Carolyne

I saw the movie when you visited University of Miami. I\ ve loved sharks for a long time, and I loved this movie. Some of the finning scenes made me want to cry. Everyone should see this, and hopefully then people will stop killing sharks. Thanks for making a great movie!
- Aidan

Just viewed the film last night in Miami, FL. By far one of the most amazing documentaries I have ever seen! Excellent filming and music. Everyone has to see this film and start taking action! We can make a difference! Sign the petitions!
- Brittany

I was moved by it. I\ m a professional shark fisherman and a conservationists and I believe this film will save the ocean and the world.
- Josh Jorgensen