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Rob is amazingly nice and it\ s incredible that he made this movie. I feel that the sharks should be protected more and people should take action like this!
- lauren

Rob came to my school and I was blown away at what is happening to sharks. He told us personally what he had to go through and how he never gave up for his love of sharks. I saw clips of the movie and i really was blown away. Keep up the great effore Rob and i cannot wait for you movie to come out.
- Geno Rubeis

Why the hell isn't a conservation effort (greenpeace, etc.)jumping in on this... one hudred million slugs are killed a year and I bet they'd freak!!! Keep up the good work, and count on me for what it's worth. Brayden Green
- Brayden

I haven't had the opportunity to see this movie yet because I am working in Korea. I am a diving instructor and I occasionally take U.S. military personnel, contractors and teachers to the Busan Aquarium to dive with the sharks. The divers are overweighted so they can walk on the bottom and I take no more than six divers in at a time. There are 20 of them, the majority are sand tigers and a few lemons. Usually after a dive like this, the people who have never dove before want to get certified and the certified divers want to go do it again. I don't allow them to touch the sharks, but the sharks do brush against them occasionally. For those lucky few, they are hooked for life. But one thi
- Robert Lang

I'been seeing and reading the whole web page Sharkwater.I feel happy for all the information Rob Stewart convey to us and I feel sorry for sharks and oceans.I was diving in Coco Island(Costa Rica)several months ago, with sharks and I know they are not dangerous;I showed my photographs and video to my friends and family and they were impressed.I understand perfectly well when Rob say "they are the most beautiful thing I'ever seen".I coudn't see the film yet,that's not possible in my country(Spain).I would really like to see sharkwater, it would be possible? If someone knows how....please tell me.( Thank you.
- Susana Moreno

My wife and I happened to in Hawaii back in October when they screened this movie. Knowing nothing about what we where going to see we sat down to watch a few minutes of it. We ended up watching the whole movie and where absolutely blown away by the horrific slaughter of sharks. Everyone sould see this movie, especially in the Asian community and Counries
- Allan Kapanen

i am a 17 year old home based student and after seeing Sharkwater I am more determined than ever to study marine biology
- Razaan Samsodien

I tought shark water was fantastic. It was cool how you whent under water to see sharks. After I saw the movie, I told evreybody I knew to either see the movie, or I told them about how sharks help us. Most of my freinds tought sharks killed allot of people, and most of them tought shars where really dangourus. I will nerver forget the stuff you said in this movie, and I will always think to ban shark finning and shark eating.
- alanna

I was moved by this film and have started an online petition to ban shark cartilage supplements from Canadian drug store Shoppers. if you have FACEBOOK, please join, just type in SHARK FINNING and it should be first on the list.
- christine

I just returned from a screening of Sharkwater at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. I cannot recall a time when something moved or inspired me as this as. There are moments in our lives that define us and this was certainly a starting point for me. Thanks Rob, for your amazing, incredible film and for your candid answers to questions afterwards. I know we'll see more great things from you!
- Lauren Harwood