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I thought it was an amazing movie that really made a difference.
- sarah

SharkWater is an amazig movie. It shows the real side of sharks, not what the media preceives them to be. It is also a great movie showing how goverments tend to care more about money than what is right or wrong. Overall, this movie is a must see. It might not be funny, but after seing this movie, I garenty your life will change.
- Theo

I thought the movie was so impowering and i am doing a project on sarks in school cause of the movie i used to be afrisd of sharks and i saw the movie so that i could go scooba diving now i am no longer afriad of sraks and i want to do stuff to help sharks!

An important film that everyone should see. The only hope for this planet is if everyone takes the initiative to get educated about issues like this.

An amazing film. Truly an eye-opener.
- Ryan

I'm so happy to see a "true" movie about sharks, finally, after years and years of lying on the TV. You did a great job during this 5 years, and I hope you will never stop to try to save them. we are more and more to want it hard !
- Thomas V.

i think it was AWESOME man it was so better than the first one!!!!!!!

It was such a wonderful film. After watching this film, my whole perspective of sharks changed. The image of Jaws is gone, and I realized sharks are such adorable creatures! MUST SEE!

I want to try and save the sharks and the other sharks that are geting the there fins cut off and band shark finning.
- hammerhead shark

This movie is a must see. It has moved me to take action in my own community. Write letters to businesses, government and encourage others to do the same. It is possible to make a difference.