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This movie changed my life. I hope that there still be sharks on the earth when I grow up. I hope people join together and make sure that sharks are OK. I'm very glad for what you are doing and thank you for trying to save sharks. I hope it works.
- Tigana

I was incredibly moved by this documentary. As a person looking into the field of marine biology and research, this movie helped me narrow down what area of research and conservation I want to focus on. Mainly, sharks, and whales. And also doing anything I can to stop shark finning. This movie is an inspiration! Thank you everyone involved!
- Allison Walisser

i wanna buy it put it on dvd that the most gorgeous and incroyable movie i see.i now im at school and im studing in biologie ,and when i see this movie i knew that what i wanna do. STOP KILLING SHARKS!!!!!! ps sorry for my english!!!im a french girl
- roxanne // montreal

This film is a humbling, dreadful, provocative, numinous experience unique in documentary history. It takes a commonly ascribed demon and makes us realize that the demon is, in fact, us...and that this planet is deeply woven with mysteries and truths of unfathomable dimensions. It is a marriage of the soil, the waters and the stars...cosmic in scope, planetary in its immediate impact...beyond all political rhetoric...wonderment.
- e

Can you please add my name for the review below publised earlier? Thanks Chris Gupta "Aside from the breathtaking beauty of this film it is essential viewing for anyone who cares about the state of the environment and the future of the world as a whole. This film really shows why not to depend on the masses and especially the governments - it is a clear demonstration of Margaret Mead's statement "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." We can be those citizens!" Chris Gupta
- Chris Gupta

This is a great film. The synopsis at Tribute does it full justice, and beyond this, there isn't much I can add, except that I really enjoyed this film much more than I expected. Five stars.

it rocked!!! Sharks are the best.
- krista

Bring this film to Europe. I have to see it.
- W.A. Neijs

This documentary proves how the media twists the real facts to produce the savage feelings hace towards the sharks. Rob, don't stop!
- Cheryl Bullock - Victims Against Violence

Rob Stewart has somehow become enlightened in a world of greed and self-serving materialism. I used to fear sharks as a child because of Jaws but i decided to learn about life instead of fear it. I learned Sharks are just animals like all the rest of us. knowledge is power this man will hopefully do for this generation and others to follow what Spielberg did to past ones but instead create love, respect and understanding instead of fear and loathing. We must do all we can to stop all senseless exploitative slaughter, before there are nothing but humans left on the earth....kudos to the nth degree to Rob and his team for making this brilliant, world view changing let's all d
- Ally Coyote