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This movie really opened my eyes as to what is really happening out there in the oceans, and am very saddened to see they way sharks and other sea creatures are used for human selfish reasons. I hope as many people as possible will see this movie and find out what sharks are really all about...........I would love to see one in the waters for myself, and pet one!!! Judie, Kitchener, Ontario

AMAZING!!! It really opens your eyes and shows you a different side to sharks. It makes you want to go out and help save these sharks. It blows my mind to see all these sharks dead just because somebody wants some cash. In 2 hours 15,000 sharks are killed, thats unbelievable!
- Taylyr

It's the start of a new, respectful way of admiring sharks. Stewart's making history and we should thank him for it.
- marcela

After viewing this movie, I am saddened by the way we as humans are allowing other humans to mistreat animals this way. WHY is this happening?? It was such a disturbing eye opener. I hope that this sends out the message and we are not too late...
- Talia

They're so stupid. Why they cut off sharks fins? It's an idiot things to do, have no humanism, and sacrifice a big thing just for their own pocket. Millions of regards for the people who made this site, God bless them everytime.
- SaRaH

Fantastic eye opener! What a great documentary. I will research the next place I visit (and give money!) in order to see if they protect the sharks. It was so beautiful to see a human swimming with sharks like dolphin!!! Incredible!
- Paule

I loved the comments someone made on the site.... it truly sums up what is needed... 'We humans should start acting more like animals' I couldn't agree more.

I just watched Sharkwater with my 10 year old daughter. I was both moved & angered by what I saw. The heartless actions these animals committed was shocking! I had no idea this was going on. It was a wonderful & eye-opening movie. I intend to bring my husband to see it. Excellent!
- Jennifer

I am 7 years old. It was sad because I didn't like how they got killed by getting hurt from the people hunting the sharks for their fins.
- monica

i saw sharkwater yesterday with my school.. At first, i didn't really think much about it at first, to be honest. "Oh, just another boring documentery about sharks." However, it was just about the exact opposite. I think that anyone who watches this movie will be influenced because it is soo important to be aware of our environment. We have to pray that one day people will care. I thought that Sharkwater was one of the greatest movies I have seen in a long time, including in the land of women and disturbia! It was so amazing, and everyone can relate! I am 12, and I loved it. It's a real eye opener and we should all make a difference, one step at a time. I was pleased to see someone so pass
- jessica