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its was tragic to see that people are ignoring and killikng mamels for their fins. so sad
- runnymede from 7.1

- geri

Amazing...Truly a great film. I cried through a lot of it and it changed the fear I had for sharks into a love and concern for them.
- Shannon

I really want to give it a 4.5 due to the narrating, but the general takehome message deeply rooted in my head for days. Powerful film, not shy about speaking his (rob stewart) own idea. Highly recommended for the general public!

awesome....this movie should be watched by most!

wonderful movie in spite of humans
- luis portela

This movie was very powerful and moving since i am very passionate about marine wildlife and want to make a difference. It's always hard for one person to make a difference but if we ALL feel this way and we ALL want to do something then we really can make a difference. I wish the whole world felt the same about this situation
- Vanessa

this movie is awsome. It's show what happens to those poor sharks. Now i'm dertermined to save the shark, bees, and polar bears. But shark are defintly the best and coolest.
- May

Stunning. Beautiful at times, as it is at other times honestly and shockingly graphic. Probably as important a movie as any ever made.

I have been to the galapagos and have seen the wonderful life there. We must all try to stop the slaughter of sharks. Mankind has better things to do!
- neil applebaum