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i have always loved loved sharks going around the world to see them fly through the water with such grace in the water. there is such stupidity in these poor countries where their only resource is a shark fin. this movie has now made me look at sharks in a different way. just it is true that if you dont handle them properly you can get hurt. the saddest thing of all is that a shark fin does not do anything for a human being. it dosn't even taste good. all it does is give prestige to an the end of the film you did a really good job to show that there is actually hope for sharks. when i saw those people protesting in Costa Rica it made me feel really happy. it was disgousting in tho
- jem

I loved Sharkwater. I thought it was a great movie. Also, Rob Stewart is not too bad looking. Plus, he went to my school, Lawrence Park!

I am very upset that people would do this to a living creature. they help shape our ecosystem, and are beautiful creatures. this movie shows us that we are all equal, and makes you feel like you should do something! It's a good movie.. Watch it!
- Alison

Just got home from seeing the movie. I am upset --as I was totally unaware of the brutal reality man (stupid naked ape) is operating within the oceans. Horrid. Unfounded. Sadly once again -- all about $. Greed.
- Catherine

We humans should learn to behave like animals.
- Matias

Great documentary. Very upsetting but also very educational. Worth watching on the big screen for the cinematography

It was such an eye opener for me and my son who 6. I have a fear to Great whites, but I would never wish this upon them. It make me sick to know that this is happening to beautiful creatures around the world. We want the sharks to be here for our childrens children. FIGHT FOR THE SHARKS!!!!
- Jamie

i loved the movie i thought trying to stop people from killing sharks is great
- lindsay macdonald

I loved it. Amazing photography and the music was great! It was impressive to see Rob swimming among the sharks. Good creatures! I will help preserve them!
- Juan

From beginning til end of the movie, I just held my self not to cry after seeing all these unfair ignorant human act which is unacceptable. I admire Rob Stewart's effort and time for showing all these things which are extremely important for gathering together and helping eachother to stop those crimes to be able to save our planet and giving the exactly right to the animals which they deserve more than people !!!!!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity making our voice heard by people.