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From beginning til end of the movie, I just held my self not to cry after seeing all these unfair ignorant human act which is unacceptable. I admire Rob Stewart's effort and time for showing all these things which are extremely important for gathering together and helping eachother to stop those crimes to be able to save our planet and giving the exactly right to the animals which they deserve more than people !!!!!!! Thank you so much for this opportunity making our voice heard by people.

SHARKWATER itís profound, beautiful and inspiring Öfor anyone!!! As a Scuba Diver I now feel lucky when I see a shark and also itís a privilege!

Bravo Bravo Bravo! More movies should be made in bringing out these issues in our not so perfect world. Coruption, short term greed and irreversible destruction. Man is the stupidest aniomal that has ever lived on earth. Great movie!!!

"I have been shocked after going to see an Amazingly Powerful MOVIE called "SHARK WATERS" and seen the senseless destruction of a Great Fish that has ruled the oceans for over 400 million years to our mere 2 million years on this planet. Go see this movie, its main objective is to have the sharks of the ocean protected from this sad ignorant destruction for its Fins to be in soups for an old senseless tradition that has now forced people to fish out and cut off the sharks fins and dump their living bodies back into the oceans by the 10's of thousands. Many other ocean creatures are being caught on these lines and dying as well. This Movie teaches us more about the unknown
- Bob Timmons

It was support them, I did!

Quite an eye-opener!As a diver I have experienced the thrill and beauty of seeing sharks in their own environment. The numbers you present are mind boggling and extremely disturbing. Your film has made an impression. It is so sad that as a species we humans have placed material wealth so far ahead of environment that we will wipe out resources, species, and the planet for gain. A very sad inditement. Films bringing these points home :"An Inconveient Truth", Manufactured Landscape", "Blood Diamond", Sharkwater.
- B. Schwanke / Edmonton

this movie broke my heartto see what was going on behind the scenes we don't just have glbaol issues we have human issues and I started to cry. I hated sharks before but now I appreciate them.
- Sarah

Best documentary I've seen. It really wakes you up to whats going on with our ecology. Everyone should see this movie

I saw sharkwater last night and was moved to tears. There are only 3 movies I tell people are a must watch because they will open your eyes and make you think. 2 areMichael Moore and now Sharkwater. Thanks to Rob Stewart for following his passion to enlighten and educate the misinformed public on an injustice that need to be addressed and resolved. Proving once again that money and corruption can destroy impoverished peoples morals. I have spent time in Costa Rica and found the Tiko's took huge pride in their ecology and wanted nothing more than to protect it, and I was proud to see the masses rally to protect their most precious gifts. Proof that public outcry and shame can help change
- Val M

I went to see your movie and I absolutely loved it. It was a breathtaking experience which has changed the way I will forever look at sharks. I knew they were special, elegant, and graceful creatures which roamed the seas, but i never, for a second, would have guessed the trouble they are in. I love sharks and this movie has only deepened my love for these beautiful creatures. I think that what you did was amazing. It was by far the BEST DOCUMENTARY that I have ever seen.
- Nick D