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SHARKWATER changed my life. It is also the best movie I have ever watched. Because of SHARKWATER I know have two Shark groups on Facebook, Stop Killing Our Sharks, and Shark Activists of Tomorrow. Thank you Rob Stewart for showing me the truth.
- Becca Propps

In my opinion "Sharkwater" was an out of the blue eye-opener, and one of the most influential documentaries I have seen. This is a great film to help change the worlds mistaken perception on these incredible the sharks!
- Alexis Sabatino

Thanks to Mr. Guerrero at Heald College Hayward who showed us the movie in our environment science class. its an eye opener! And Rob Stewart did a wonderful job. I hope more and more people aware the truth about shark and preserve it for the future of our planet.
- Riana

Waching that movie made me realize that we need to do something about it,It really oppend my eyes. Rob Stewart did a great job filming this movie,i hope he can open other people s eyes like he did with mine
- Courtney

Love the movie and wondering what kind of shark's tooth is Rob holding on the March 2007 cover of Tribute?

I thought this movie was really good. I have watch it soo many times i have lost count. I have showed this movie to friends and family and i really hope that this all stop. At first i did not like sharks and i still dont but i understant them more and i get why they are so important! I hope more people watch this and help!
- Jessica

I thought this movie was really good and I would go see it again if I had the chance too. This movie kind of scared me because I m scared of sharks
- Shane

I was blown away when I first watched Sharkwater - Stewart is doing exactly what I want to do in life. I ve loved sharks since I was little, and now I want to go into marine photography, and eventually become a shark scientist. More importantly, I want people to know that sharks aren t the man-killers most of us take them for - they are beautiful, the perfect predators, and they play a HUGE role in their ecosystem. Finning and longlining need to stop, and people need to know why they should care.
- Elizabeth Marie

Awesome MOvie Made Me Realize Why Sharks Are A Big Important Thing In LIfe

This was a very touching movie. It changed my out look in life. This MUST STOP!
- Caroline