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I am exactly the same as rob stuart i dont stop thinking about them i free dive with them every day and dont ever get board i would love to meet rob stuart and im going to try make a speech about saving sharks in front of my school.
- Lindsey

A moving documentary that really puts the horrors of shark-finning into the light!
- Arolra

This movie absolutley changed my life, I would love to be a marine biologist and study sharks and help them survive. Rob did a amazing job, superb.
- Camilla

This documentary really opens your eyes to the reality of life.
- Nathaniel

Very eye opening experience, very well done documentary. I would hope that everyone can see this film and feel as passionate as I now do about saving the sharks, and all ocean creatures for that matter!
- Amanda

Sharkwater is possibly the MOST amazing thing out there. It s amazing Rob Stewart Did an AMAZING job.
- Megan

Sharkwater is an exciting and understandable documentary. The truth is well spoken and really puts out the message. Which would be to stop slaughter! It is absolutely terrible. It truly changed my thought on sharks. It was honestly amazing.
- Crystall

i think that the movie is a really good thing to watch because most people think that sharks are killers and they are bad anamals ( fish ) and i was really scared of them till i saw shark water. i would love to swim with a shark some day.
- summer

I just watched the movie.. I have to say it starts slowly and suddenly transforms into a enviromental thriller. I never really fell any fear about sharks but now i love them. I really understanded a lot of things. The movie really moved me and i will do anything to protect sharks!
- Fotis

i just watched the moving documentary "Sharkwater." At times, my eyes were about to go misty... i ll never forget the images of the sinking finned shark... i ll never forget the quote from the film: "Now we are the top predators." Thank you.
- Farshad Roshanai