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I recently saw this movie with my school for my science class. It was absolutely amazing and I would urge everyone to go and see it. The visuals were astounding. I also had the opportunity to meet Rob Stewart in person and I hope that more people will join him in helping out the shark population!
- Katie van Ryn

a very insightful documentary. i will never eat shark fin soup.

Amazing movie. 5+Stars! Meeting you afterwards was an added bonus Rob, thanks for the poster! n i'll definately spread the word!
- Zaahir Moolla

Normally after a movie people leave the movie immediately. However after Shark water nobody moved. It WAS that stunning. Rob Stewart, well done. Thanks for visiting my class in Whitby too eh?
- Mike Spray

This movie, along with Al Gore`s, can profoundly alter the way we perceive our place on this planet and in our future. The quote "we are naked primates out of control" seems to describe us so crudely but accurately. Powerful and elightening. It`s a must see.

Rob Stewart is hot AND helps Sharks! MARRY ME!

I've always loved Sharks, I research them often, but i didn't know that Sharks were in this much trouble of extinction. Yes the movie was disturbing and depressing, but why not know the true facts of what is happening to them. This movie will go down in history, and hopefully, actually save the Sharks. It has changed my life. I am only 15, but I now know for sure that I will be choosing a career path that includes saving Sharks. This was a great, and inspiring film, and I think, well I KNOW, that everyone should watch the film and put a stop to Shark finning and hunting. This movie has changed my life altogether, and has changed many others. We can put a stop to Shark finning!
- Sara

I want to see this movie in Mexico. quiero ver la pelicula en Mexico.
- Hugo N. Valdez Gomez

All those beautiful creatures. You could almost reach out and touch them.Keep it up Rob. You are making a difference!!!
- Marilyn

God created sharks to be a part of the balance of this planet, we need to be a part of the solution to their demise by telling others to see this movie. It was very disturbing, as so many things are in this world right now. Rob Stewart and the Green Peace people continue to be in my Prayers since watching this show.