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I want to see this movie in Mexico. quiero ver la pelicula en Mexico.
- Hugo N. Valdez Gomez

All those beautiful creatures. You could almost reach out and touch them.Keep it up Rob. You are making a difference!!!
- Marilyn

God created sharks to be a part of the balance of this planet, we need to be a part of the solution to their demise by telling others to see this movie. It was very disturbing, as so many things are in this world right now. Rob Stewart and the Green Peace people continue to be in my Prayers since watching this show.

If I rated this movbie, it would get a 4.9 out of 5. It is extreamly touching and heart warming. I cant find the right words to discribe this film
- Someone Who Cares

I only have a ffew words to discribe Sharkwater... Emotional, tear jerking, stunning, beautiful and wonderful. It is defenatly THE BEST documentary I have ever seen. It really opened my eyes about sharks and what were killing them for. It is so extreamly sad that this is happening under our noses and were not doing anything to stop it because we just think its not our issue and someone else should deal with it. But it's everones issue, if we kill sharks and whipe them off the face of the earth then we will all dye. Not just the sharks. Mother nature created them for a reason, they're not a killer. this move once again was EXTRORDENARY!!
- Madson

This movie is amazing! It really opened my eyes about sharks and what is happening to them. I used to be terrified of them. but now I think it would be wonderful to help protect them. Its horrible to think that people are killing them just for their fins and cartilage. Although this film was sad it was a great movie. You have to see it!

Outstanding documentary. It`s amazing how the greed of a few are destroying the earth for future generations.

I was deeply moved by this film. Education is key for change and this is only the beginning. I simply cannot understand the ignorance and wastefulness of man. These creatures amaze me and I want them to be here to amaze my children.
- Jet Carruthers

The movie was great. It changed my look on sharks. Finning is curl thing to do sharks.
- Nicole T.

Very enlightening movie about the importance of Sharks on earth, and our unwarranted fear of them. Excellent Film
- Dennis