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Amazing, graphic, but amazing! I never knew that sharks were being killed like that - outstanding film - a must see.

Necessarily graphic, but highly educational. Worth a viewing.

AMAZING!!!!! must see! it was so powerful and so well done

I had no idea!! Sharks ARE BEAUTIFUL - a must see FILM!! It will open your eyes to our most cruel ways!! If you don't see it you will be doing the world an injustice!! Please watch and live the reality so that we may all help to preserve our existence.
- Madelaine

I thought it was a very informative movie. Thought it was pretty good and well worth it. Though it doesn`t stop me from eating shark fin soup from time to time.

Must see! I felt shame being a human. Think about what our future children will say to us!! Spread the word! Tell families and friends to go and see this documentary. I thank to Rob Stewart and his coworkers for opening our eyes. God will be with them.
- Mark

Very powerful. I didn`t see any previews - simply read the reviews here and decided to go - It was outstanding.

This movie really encourged me to make a difference. I have already told just about everyone I know to see it.
- Joel and Ira

This film was both horrific and breathtaking. It completely opened my eyes to the mindless acts of terrorism that sharks suffer through at the hands of greedy fisherman. I wish they had punched up the narrative just a bit, though. Repeating your message is good, and works for a film attempting to accomplish what this one set out to do, but repeating yourself verbatim gets tiresome. Despite that, the film moved me to tears and I found myself outraged at the senseless slaughter of sharks. For something that doesn't even taste good! It's merely a status symbol, and a poor one at that. Sharks need our help and I intend to do all that I can.
- Meghan Lightle

So violent to animals it was pornographic. If you want to see dying sharks, wounded sharks, bleeding sharks, mutilated sharks, dead sharks in great numbers this is the movie for you. I`m sure there was a message to this movie, but I had to leave. It was unwatchable.