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Remarkable!!! This movie provides and eye opening experience into a world that most never dream of. As a scuba diver myself, I have a profound appreciation for what lies beneath the surface of our waters, however your movie has opened my eyes to your experiences at depths I would never be courageous enough to venture to. You have provided me the insight into theworld beneath as well as exposed me to the blindness that I had towards the inhumanity of sharks. What is happening is appalling, thank you for your courage and compassion and the drive to educate the world on something you feel so strongly about. Its people like yourself that make the differences. Knowlege is our power, the more
- Meaghan

It`s an amazing film. And Rob Stewart is handsome enough to eat. (Sharks please note.)

This is an amazing documentary! The picture is beautiful. I was not aware how important the sharks are for the ocean and human life. We can not allow them to vanish from earth. Thanks for informing us about it. Please watch this documentary and share the information we learn from it.
- Katita

This film was well done and brought me to tears. I had no idea we were exploiting sharks in this way. I have never had shark fin soup and will not try it!
- Karen

it was the most riveting , on the edge of your seat .show i ever in all my 40 yrs of living,and all the stephen spielberg shows i saw are nothing to this show .great job canada .we love ya.

I think this is a must see movie. You will learn something.!!!!!
- Abby

Amazing, graphic, but amazing! I never knew that sharks were being killed like that - outstanding film - a must see.

Necessarily graphic, but highly educational. Worth a viewing.

AMAZING!!!!! must see! it was so powerful and so well done

I had no idea!! Sharks ARE BEAUTIFUL - a must see FILM!! It will open your eyes to our most cruel ways!! If you don't see it you will be doing the world an injustice!! Please watch and live the reality so that we may all help to preserve our existence.
- Madelaine