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Love it makes you think and makes me hate the people doing this for eating them and killing them. I hope that they get there`s

I think education to the Asian youth is necessary in order to end the myth of shark fin and consuming it as a status symbol or some kind of health enhancement. They are the market and with China, a population of a billion+ it makes you wonder why the demand is so high. Is there a china town near you??

Being a diver and seeing sharks in their own environment has given me a much bigger appreciation of the species over the years I've been a diver. Want to dive with sharks, just drop in on the wrecks in North Carolina… unguided dives I’ve experienced with sharks. Awesome! The sharks’ plight has been well documented in other periodicals over the years, most recently National Geographic did a good spread. ! I'm just hoping Sharkwater makes its way "south of the border" so that I can see it and not just appreciate the web site and associated blog.
- Scuba Steve

this show has alot to offer to the public to show them how traggic things are happening out there, not just to sharks but to all forms of wildlife that is still fighting to survive on earth
- vincent spremulli

This movie is just amazing! opens up to the public about what is really going on! and how much of an impact was created. It will definitely have an impact towards anyone watching the movie.
- Dana

This is a true story so 2stars good graphics1star(3 stars)NOT ALOT OF ACTION!!!-2stars(1star)bad title-1star(0stars)Cool stuffs and nice exploration so 2stars. 2 Stars out of 5

Amazing movie yet disturbing at the same time with the footage of the finning. It is about time that someone has made a movie showing the truth - that humans are in fact the bad guys and not the sharks. I've always known how beautiful these animals are now maybe with this movie more and more people will get the message!!

A beautiful film wrapped in an equally lush soundtrack, it provides audiences with informative, fun, and most of all inspiring insights as to why we must further promote awareness in the plight of saving sharks. Rob Stewart's narrative guides us through the film and above all his love for this misrepresented animal shines through. It is a geniune eye opener and a poignant piece of work that showscases the powerful effects of indivuals who ban together to seek change, and showcases the power of film's ability to reach others world over.
- Janice Toronto, Ont.

It is our duty to make everyone we know see this movie!!
- J and Alli

Amazing and very inspirational.