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This story reminds us that we only have so much time and energy in our lives and we need to be wise to invest them in the things of true importance. extinction lasts forever.
- kathy troop denver CO


It is very rare that you come across a movie so true to real life without any prejudice. This movie is simply beautiful and portrays the myths of sharks being ruthless and meaningless killers. People must act now to save these beautiful creatures before it`s too late. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS MOVIE and TRY TO STOP THIS INHUMANE ACT OF RUTHLESS KILLING!!


This is an excellent movie. Visually stunning, educational, and important for all to see.

My name is Kyra I am 6 years old. I swam with a nurse shark in the Grand Caymans Island. It was really great. Ithink that you should change the language to all the countries that kill sharks and eat shark fins. So they might change there ways and not kill,eat sharks.It should be in all the schools to show children the mean things people are doing to sharks so they can speak up.I have a sister whos 4 years old and liked the movie too. Thank you for the movie now I know people are killing sharks.
- kyra

My husband and I saw this movie on Saturday night and it's all we can talk about. We had no idea that this was happening to sharks, and in such devistating numbers. We have been moved to action. Thank you for making this movie. Thank you for showing us the truth.
- Jen Ivison

the best movie i've seen in a while hope it puts the shark hunters underwater forever. hey that's an idea take them diving with you get them to hug a shark ya that's a idea.
- mary weckerle

I myself am a shark lover and this film left me absolutly speechless, a must see for EVRYONE. How greedy can humans possibly be??? Keep up the good work.
- Alex ..Canada

Shark water is a riveting mind bender for the thought that we are fools for ever beleiving thatwe were going to live forever..Sharks control our ecosystem and its already out of balance.. This movie has opened eyes the world wide and should be taken as a real event and on a real planet that requires our care and love. We are our own dimise...
- James Oja