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What an incredible, riveting movie! I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with sadness. The footage was phenomenonal and the story was so powerful. I have been spreading the word about this film as it is definitely one of my favourites and a must see! Rob, I am so proud of what you are accomplishing here as you are such a great and deserving fellow. I hope this movie gets translated into other languages and viewed in all the countries that shark finning takes place because the more protesting that occurs, the better as far as I'm concerned! What a fantastic movie....superb work Rob!!
- Lindsay Cox

Incredible. I will bring my family and friends back to see it.
- Marley

One of the most important films of our time. Thank you to Rob Stewart for dispelling the myths regarding sharks, and for sharing the importance of their existence for our oceans and our planet. Truly beautiful cinematography!
- Tricia


Was a beautiful movie, bring back many happy memories, I used to work on cruise chef as a Sous Chef, went two times south america. Seeing couple times problem with Sharks, hopefully this movie is a WAKE UP for our GOVERNMENT.Thank you for the gift of pics ,so so beautiful . I was just wondering where I could find a T SHIRT to protect the Sharks. Best Regards Benoit Lapointe
- Benoit Lapointe

When coming the film to Europe?????
- Question

This story reminds us that we only have so much time and energy in our lives and we need to be wise to invest them in the things of true importance. extinction lasts forever.
- kathy troop denver CO


It is very rare that you come across a movie so true to real life without any prejudice. This movie is simply beautiful and portrays the myths of sharks being ruthless and meaningless killers. People must act now to save these beautiful creatures before it`s too late. EVERYONE MUST SEE THIS MOVIE and TRY TO STOP THIS INHUMANE ACT OF RUTHLESS KILLING!!