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Wow! watched this movie in class, it really moved me!! The misconception of sharks caused by the media has to be changed so that people can save the sharks!!!
- Sarah

Thanks. The movie is excellent! I will try to find what I can do and do it to save sharks.
- 曲璇

I loved it! Everbody should see this movie and try to make a difference. It s awful how animals can eb treated this way :(
- Savannah

Great thinking! That really braeks the mold!
- Keydrick

It really astonished me.I think we must do something to protect not only sharks,but also our environment.
- Vera

I saw this movie.. fell in love, HUGE activist now for sharks.. Ive must have seen the movie a thousand times now
- Megan Nicole

These sharks are amazing this website should go viral lets let these beauties free they dont to hurt us I m what you call a shark hugger(not litteraly thats ilegal)
- Bryant shatner

Love your movie!!
- Aileen Wang

I really enjoyed this m ovie!
- Brandon

This was amazing,this has inspired me to make a difference ecspecially when it comes to sharks.
- Michael Rochford