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The film was eye opening...and fabulous...proud to be Canadian!
- Christa

I love sharks, having been in the water with them several times. And while I've known about shark finning, I never knew it was so bad in North/South America. Glad to see someone making a realistic film about sharks and finning, and to see someone step up to the plate to take it on. Great movie, and a great way to see the non-Hollywood version of the shark.
- Trent Sanders

Boy what a terrible world we live in. How can man be so greedy for money? It's so sad to see man doing terrible things to such animals. What can we do when mankind has their minds closed and the 3rd world countries have no education to learn about the world - how we are destroying it and yes I can account for North America for being a big part of global warming and a big part of the disaster. When will we ever learn? I will definitely put something up on our website to support, global warming, saving sharks, but not just that, saving this world. But man must come to realize this, otherwise the world will end up being destroyed. What will happen when the time comes and we have no oxygen to b
- Mystic M DJ Services (Michael Jatas)

Awesome! Save the sharks!


I'm only 17 years old but I've loved the ocean as long as I can remember, particularly sharks. I learned to dive as soon as I was able and I was always trying to convince everyoe that sharks aren't really the way most people think of them. I always saw the shark movies and found them funny because of how outrageously wrong they were. Anyways I think it's SO amazing that someone's finally made a movie that will show people how wrong they are and that something needs to be done NOW about this. It actually brought tears to my eyes at some of the things I saw of people finning sharks and peoples blatant disregard for the planet. I'm going into marine biology myself so that maybe I can also
- Heather Grant

wow this looks good. I can't believe that humans would do that to such a beautiful animal. I am very happy that Rob has decided to add this to his film
- Paul Wall

This great gift from Rob has shown us that under water there is life and it is beautiful and we humans are too ignorant too appreciate the envoroment in and out of the water, and we must start carring abou tour planet, and sharks are very important to our planet, GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Justin Savard

I am a sharkdiver, cage, no cage you name it I'm there !!! Loved the movie, amazing underwater shots. Thank you so much Rob. I had no idea how bad we need to save them and bring awareness. Thumbs up to our Torontonian.
- Christine - Mississauga ON

This documentary was very educational. I was truly touched by what I saw and learned; therefore I will do everything I can to pass this message to everyone I know. People need to take serious action b4 itís too late.
- Agnieszka Paszkieiwcz