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Provocative movie.

Hurry up and start opening up in the U.S.!!! I can't wait to see this film, and am telling everyone about it.
- Paul

This is the most eye opening greatest movie ever in all time i never knew about the shark fin operations and i would like to know more email me at Salmon Arm B.C. #15 120-8th Ave SW
- Alex MacDonald

The movie tells me many truths I never knew before, the stunning truths. Although I was overwhelmed with sadness and shocking feeling, the pictures were amazing. The sights under the sea were amazingly gorgeous. I love its 'reality' feeling. It convinced me to believe this is the actually cold-blooded cruelty of human being. You need to see this movie.
- Tiparpar S.

An excellent educational movie. Sharks are endangered animals and need to be protected. I learned a lot about shark fin mafia and how sharks despite being an important part of our ecosystem, are disappearing and being killed irregularly as a result of man's irrational behavior. Media has a big responsibility in misleading or enlightening people as to how treat other species, but they fail to carry on their duty in this regard. People need right education; I believe movies, documentaries, reports or shows need to be produced. Museums, galleries, newspapers and magazines could play an important role in shedding light into the sharks' life darkened by mankind. I believe educational courses
- Eliza

Phenomenal movie! You can`t miss it!

Incredible movie, everyone should see it. We can all help, just got to and do your part.
- Peter

What an incredible, riveting movie! I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with sadness. The footage was phenomenonal and the story was so powerful. I have been spreading the word about this film as it is definitely one of my favourites and a must see! Rob, I am so proud of what you are accomplishing here as you are such a great and deserving fellow. I hope this movie gets translated into other languages and viewed in all the countries that shark finning takes place because the more protesting that occurs, the better as far as I'm concerned! What a fantastic movie....superb work Rob!!
- Lindsay Cox

Incredible. I will bring my family and friends back to see it.
- Marley

One of the most important films of our time. Thank you to Rob Stewart for dispelling the myths regarding sharks, and for sharing the importance of their existence for our oceans and our planet. Truly beautiful cinematography!
- Tricia