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Sharkwater is powerful and heartbreaking and everyone should see it. It open my eyes to a whole new meanings.. I pay my respects to all that worked on Sharkwater. It is hard to stand for something you belived in and you guys did it. So thank you...
- Constence

Great movie. Congratulations to Rob doing such a fine job of getting the point across, as well as showing the world the beauty he set out to do. Well done. A must see for all ages.
- Linda

This can not be just a fleeting feeling of injustice. Call your local restaurant and ask if they serve shark and explain that it is not in their best interest to do so. Challenge the media when they hype shark attacks. If there are dollars at stake, unfortunately, people begin to listen.
- Kevin Barclay

i think this movie certainly deserves 5 stars, this movie really changed my life and how i think about sharks! I love how sharks do not want to hurt us and i am glad to have them in this world. I hope that people who are ILLEGALY longling will realise that by killing sharks they are actually killing themselves, but anyway, 5 stars to this documentary... amazing! Soccergirl
- anna

This movie is amazing. I've spread the word to all my friend and everyone has loved it. We especially like the challenge to speak up about the issue and force policy makers to act!!
- Krystal

I have been a huge shark fan for years. Seeing the harsh reality of thier demise in the movie SHARKWATER breaks my heart. It's not hard to boycott the restaurants in Toronto that support the serving of shark fin soup as there are so many others to choose from. I think we should all make a conscience effort to stop this madness and educate ourselves on the ultimate outcome of wiping out the shark population. I believe that they wouldn't have survived this long if they weren't meant to, but who knew MAN could be so destructive and so senseless to destroy thier own planet. I am harrasing everyone i know to go out and watch this movie......and to also visit the website and pledge!
- Angelique

I love the sharks, i live in Denmark, and i will love if it comes to Denmark, it sounds like a nice movie :-) FTS
- Teddy

I was telling my friend how good this movie is and now she wants to see it too, so I`m going to see it again!

I loved the movie. It urged me to e-mail the "Outdoor Life Network" to cancel the show "Shark Hunters". I think everybody should write to them as well.
- Joanne

I have the utmost respect for those who have the courage and the inner voice to take action and make a difference on a global scale. Sharkwater reminds us that there is a harmonious and balanced underwater world surrounding us which we can turn to for guidance, healing and life sustaining forces. My version of a perfect world is when people opt to spend time in the ocean playground, feel the calm and unity, be a part of the world that flows with unity. I was moved to tears when I realized that my children may only know sharks as we know dinosaurs - as mythical extinct beings. Sharks have fought to be here and they deserve to be here. The world as we know it depends on it. Rob
- >Sherri