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the best movie i've seen in a while hope it puts the shark hunters underwater forever. hey that's an idea take them diving with you get them to hug a shark ya that's a idea.
- mary weckerle

I myself am a shark lover and this film left me absolutly speechless, a must see for EVRYONE. How greedy can humans possibly be??? Keep up the good work.
- Alex ..Canada

Shark water is a riveting mind bender for the thought that we are fools for ever beleiving thatwe were going to live forever..Sharks control our ecosystem and its already out of balance.. This movie has opened eyes the world wide and should be taken as a real event and on a real planet that requires our care and love. We are our own dimise...
- James Oja

It's something I didn't know was going and I'm glad you made this film. It gets people talking and it gets them passionate enough to start making a fuss and THAT is when change happens. You're rocking the boat and that's what this world needs right now. Thank you for making this film.
- Shevaun

Rob Stewart and his team deserve yet another award for their superbly crafted message about the peril we all face if we continue to persecute the sharks, disturbing the precious equilibrium of the Oceans. Jeff Rona's soundtrack is magical - perfectly complementing outstanding cinematography. Sharkwater will find its place in history alongside that other masterwork on conservation issues, 'An Inconvenient Truth..'.
- Mike Hill

thanks so much for making this incredible movie.
- janine

This movie was AMAZING!!!!!! It left such a big inpact on me and I will never forget it! I've always wanted to save the animals that lived on land but I never before thought of the ones that lived under the water. This was the best documentary that I have ever seen> NOt only was it interesting, it was suspensful!!
- calley

The best movie I've ever seen in my life!!! It gives an amazing message that everyone needs to see, and even though before the movie I was aware of almost everything it said, I'm so glad that someone's telling the world about it!
- Simon

one of my dreams is to PROTECT SHARKS and show to the World how beautiful, amazing, great swimmers,and powerfull creatures they are. Sharks deserves all our respect and space to be free in the ocean. Rob Stewart GOD BLESS YOU for this magnificent information to those people that still they dont't understand for example.,how a person like me I could love sharks so much and one day I would like to be in a TEAM like yours defending them with all my heart. Rob please don't give up still is a lot to go and teach. If you would like to have somebody new in your team don't hesitate and write to me @: THANK YOU ROB -INCREDIBLE -THUMBS UP FOR OUR TORONTONIAN =) Missis
- ivana bottini

the movie was great. I always thought that sharks do kill a lot of people like what the media says until I saw this movie. It made me chaged my mind. If you are reading this and u haven't seen the movie. YOU MUST see it. It's really disturbing how they treat these wonderful creatures. Everyone is responsible to do something to stop it..
- vallerie