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A saddened statement about humanity and its "evolution". Yet, a true testimonial to the power of individual leaders and advocates to impact positive social change. Bravo to Rob and his team for raising awareness about such a neglected issue. Beautiful cinematography -- and thoughtful narration. A must see!
- Troupella

This movie has changed my life. I absolutely love sharks now! Thank you Rob Stewart for showing people this documenterary! AMAZING
- Soccergirl

When I first saw Sharkwater advertised it did not appeal to me. I thought "here's another ocean flim, like all the rest". Then I saw a new trailer for the film and realized that it was going to be one of my must see movies for the season. I wasn't dissapointed. Sharkwater is powerful and heartbreaking. I remember diving and seeing my first shark. It was so surreal. Being made aware of what is going on around the world to these amazing creatures, all for their fins, makes me sick. I urge everyone to see this film and recommend it to others. I hope people can come together and stop this devastation. I will never view sharks the same way....thank you Rob Stewart for opening our eyes
- Lindsay - Canada

I saw the movie Sharkwater at the Boston Sea Rovers and can honestly say I haven't slept well since. As the moments pass away during the day, I am constantly aware of the senseless killing of more sharks. My 1st open water dive unintentionally turned into a "shark dive". Words fail me to describe the beauty and peace I felt being submerged in their world. Thanks to this film, I hope others will reconsider our role on earth and how we treat our oceans and life itself.
- Andrea L.

Hello coming the Film to Europe (Germany/Italy...) ???
- Manuel

The movie was amazing.
- Carol


It was a great movie. It should be a wake up call to everybody.

I left the theatre heart broken that my own species would destroy another species for a bowl of soup.

just an incredible movie, I hope everyone who goes and sees this movie will take the messege to hart. A great film